Tips to Making Your Freshwater Fish Healthy

Fish is one of the best choices to have around as pets. Aside from being beautiful, they are also entertaining and safe for kids. However, taking care of freshwater fish is more than just giving them food regularly. There are a lot of things to know to make sure that your fish would stay healthy and happy.

Tip 1: Choose the Right Tank Size

You cannot just get a small tank for a fish that would grow to be 12 inches long, would you? Yes. A large tank may be a lot to deal with. However, it would have more advantages than the smaller ones. Even if you have small fish, the water in the tank would be much more stable in a wider area when the filter clogs or the temperature changes. Aside from that, your fish need room to roam around freely without being uncomfortable because of overcrowding. Overcrowding would lead to low oxygen levels, excess waste and more.

Tip 2: Know the Right Water Parameters

When getting a fish, ask experts about what chemistry of the water the fish needs. You should know the pH levels, nitrate, ammonia, and nitrite of the water before putting your fish in it. Also, acclimate your fish for it or them to get used to the new environment. You can acclimate the fish using the float method, the drip method or by using a quarantine tank.

Tip 3: Replace the Water

You do not need to get rid of all the water at once. It is more recommended to change only a quarter of the water in the aquarium per month. When you change the water, make sure that the water you put in the tank has been conditioned. To do this, you can use some supplements for de-chlorinating especially if you are using tap water.

Tip 4: Clean the Tank Regularly

Replacing the water is not enough to make sure that the environment of your pet is clean and safe. You would need to make sure that the tank is free of waste, algae and other unwanted particles that could harm your fish. Make sure to use the right tools to clean the sides of the tank. Use the appropriate vacuum to remove the waste materials from the gravel, too.

Tip 5: Do Not Overfeed Your Fish

It is most recommended to feed your fish frugally. Over feeding it would only make the tank dirty and the fish sick. Do not leave your young kids to feed the fish unattended. Be sure to help them measure the right amount and instruct them on the right time to feed. Also, be mindful of what you give your fish. Certain kinds of fish might need different kinds of food.

Tip 6: Beautify the Place

Just like how you make your home beautiful, you should also give time to making your pet’s home livable. Give it a place to hide and play around. Add plants and other decorations for your fish to enjoy.

You can learn more about taking care of fish at Fish Tank World.

Product Guide: 2018’s Top Ironing Boards

The ironing board is one of many essential household accessories that are used alongside with a steam or flat iron; without its existence, ironing types of fabric could be challenging.

Here are this year’s top ironing boards that you need to check before deciding on choosing one:

  •    The Bathla X-Press Ace

Bathla X-Press Ace ironing board is one the most popular brand due to its careful and scientifically designed ironing boards. Below are its technical specifications and features that will make you understand why it is considered as one of the top ironing boards available in India:
o    Carefully manufactured with dimensions of 143(cm)x42(cm)x10(cm)
o    Manufactured with a cover made from aluminized cloth
o    Can tolerate any type of floors due to the anti-skid PVC shoes
o    Expanded ironing space with large multi-function tray
o    Made durable due to the high-grade steel
o    Scientifically designed with precision for the molded plastic parts
o    Manufactured with efficiency due to the adjustable height

  •    The Synergy

The ironing board brand is one of many household favorites due to its design and prints; even though the ironing board has lesser features than its other competitors, below are its specifications and reason why this brand is rising in demand:
o    Expanded ironing space with 123 (cm)x43(cm)x95(cm)
o    Manufactured with an absorbent cloth
o    The steels are made from high-quality materials
o    Easy to operate with adjustable height
o    Manufactured with locking system

  •    The Peng Hummer

The Peng hummer ironing board is one of basic, but trusted brand to offer excellent and quality performance. Below are its specifications and advantages that you need to look at:
o    The cushion is made from an enhanced foam technology, providing a more absorbent ironing experience
o    Manufactured with 110 (cm) x 34 (cm) x (6 cm) dimension
o    Made durable due to the quality materials and the powder coat
o    Foldable and adjustable at four levels
o    Affordable

  •    The PAffy

The ironing board brand is one of the traditional, yet offers excellent ironing experience due to the following specifications and features:
o    Manufactured with a shockproof wooden board
o    Manufactured with protective tips at the legs
o    The cushion is made out of foam cloth
o    Durable steel due to the powder coat
o    Manufactured with metal chrome plated rack

However, this brand has setbacks that you need to watch out; if you are tall, this brand will not fit your liking, having 3.5 feet maximum in height, you need to think twice before purchasing the product. Nonetheless, when you need a sturdy and small-sized ironing board that can fit your room, PAffy can help you with that.

  •    The Wayne Enterprise

Similar to Synergy, Wayne Enterprise ironing board is one of the popular brands when it comes to the board’s structure and built; here are its specifications and features:
o    Durable and heavy
o    Expanded ironing space; in fact, it is considered to have the largest ironing board with 122 (cm) x 47(cm) for its dimension
o    Adjustable height
o    Manufactured with protective guards made from rubber

Final Verdict

Choosing one can be very challenging, however, to make it easier for you, you have to weigh your ironing demand over the brand’s style and design.
If you want to learn more of these, try to visit smoothware’s website now.

Do You Need A Towel Warmer Cabinet For Your Bathroom?

A towel warmer is an essential addition to your home as it is a thing of need if you have kids in your house that need regular supply of warm clothes during winter days or in other days to keep him clean. Similarly, the warmth of a fresh and warm towel after a long warm shower instead of a cold towel is something that heightens the pleasure of having a shower. So, in short, the towel warmer is something you essentially need at your home, be it for the need of your kid or the luxury of yourself. The towel warmer adds value to your home and bathroom in many different ways.

The towel warmers come in many different models and functions as well. There is the rail type that needs to be plugged into the electric socket and keeps the towel warm when hanged on its rails. Also, there are these top towel warming cabinets that can be mounted on the wall and keep the towels warm when they are put inside for hours. Among both the types the cabinet type towel warmers are my favorite for the values they offer. Let’s see how;

They keep the towel and the baby clothes warm by drying them off instantly and always keep supplying you warm towels whenever you need them. They can be operated I high temperature to get things dry off fast and also can hold the heat for hours as well. Since the door of the cabinet can be shut the towel warmer can save the heat inside that will keep kinds of stuff warm even when the towel warmer is not consuming the power.

The towel warmer’s range is not only limited to the towels and the kid’s clothes only. This can dry off the bulky winter wears and other dress materials too. It may come as a surprise to you, but the towel warmer can even keep the blanket warm and can give you the ultimate pleasure of sliding into the warm blanket on a cold winter night.

One of the most important roles that the towel warmer plays are the way it keeps you healthy by killing the army of bacteria before infecting you or even before they start breeding. As you know bacteria love breeding in damp areas and damp clothes make no difference to them, by killing those bacteria further health issues are avoided, hence you can say care of your good health is taken well while delivering luxury at your end.

The top quality wall-mounted cabinets are welcome additions to your bathroom and they certainly augment the value of the bathroom and the property in whole. The exotic wall mounted type can convert your regular looking bathroom into a spa type one with a decent investment on them. So the towel warmer is something that is keeping your family and kids safe, adding luxury to your life and at the same time boosting up the value of the property in a go. So don’t you think this should be on your shopping list now?

What to Look for When Buying a Computer Desk

Not everyone is lucky to be in a corporate office setting where the company lets them choose their desk. Obviously, for logistics and efficiency, it’s better for the business to provide a uniform desk for their ideal environment. Letting employees choose their own desk design and size can be a headache. But then again, this is probably a blessing for a lot of people because choosing a computer desk is no easy task. And buyer’s regret can still be an issue even if the money spent comes from the company’s coffers. Imagine then, being in the shoes of a freelancer who needs to get themselves their own work desk. But then again, it’s not only the home-based workforce that can choose to buy their own desks. Anyone who wants to put up a small office space for those eleventh-hour paperworks can get themselves a good office desk. But again, there are some things that need to be considered in order to avoid buyer’s regret.

  1. Depth

While most desks today stick to the standard 24″ depth, some manufacturers are deliberately coming up with designs that are unconventional just to stand out. In specific use cases, their thin desks can do the job and provide enough space. But going for at least 24″ provides a lot of leeway and good space for computer monitors. Computer screens shouldn’t be too near a person’s face – and with higher resolutions available in the market, it doesn’t have to be; which is why desks should provide the depth needed to move screens further back.

  1. Surface and Surface Area.

The surface of work desks is definitely important. Rough and unpleasant surfaces are a bother to work on. But even more important than the surface texture itself is the surface area. The table should have enough space for the computer monitor as well as stacks of paper and some folders on top of it. In this regard, it might be a good idea to consider an L-shaped desk. There are a lot of good work desks out there with this shape. It’s also easy to choose which one of them is a good fit, as well. Finding a fair review of the Walker Edison Soreno desk and the like will make it easier to end up with a desk that is appropriate for the space available; whether the home office is in the den or the spare bedroom.

  1. Leg Room.

Perhaps one of the most overlooked considerations when buying a work desk is leg space. Probably because it’s not within sight – or simply because this issue isn’t immediately apparent until the person using the desk have spent at least a couple of hours working on it. Although smaller desks aren’t really as restricted as planes when it comes to legroom, having more than what’s deemed as sufficient can be a big advantage if the person working on the desk will be spending hours upon hours on it. Being able to stretch after a few hours of being glued to paperwork is a refreshing feeling, after all. Standing up is an option, sure. But it’s a precedent for procrastination for some people.

Natural Way to Increase Low Platelet Counts

Platelets are fragments of cells that are important in the preventing blood loss. Certain conditions affect the normal level of platelets. Such include bacterial or viral infections and alcoholism. Most of the time, we only think that blood transfusion is the only way to improve the levels of platelets. However, that is too invasive and drastic and can only be used when you have too low platelets.


With that in regard, there are certain measures to do when you have a mild or moderate decrease in platelet count. Some of these tips for improving your low platelet count are actually natural in nature. In fact, you do not even need to spend too much. These remedies, however, are not treatments as they have only proven their benefits through the experiences of people who have tried or done these measures.




According to some traditional medicine practitioners, ripe papaya fruit can help improve the production of blood in general. Hence, your platelet count can also be improved. However, as the case of dengue increased, most countries started using papaya leaf to help improve the platelet levels of their relatives who have low platelet. Amazingly, there has been an improvement in most cases. Such results are also supported by research that has been conducted by the Asian Institute of Science and Technology in Malaysia.


In order for the leaf to work, a concoction must be made by putting some papaya leaves in water that is contained in a kettle. Bring to a boil for at least 10 minutes and at most 15 minutes using medium heat. Others say that the water should reach half of its volume before removing it from the heat. Strain the produced concoction and drink it two times in a day.


Since the ancient times, pomegranate has been used to help improve the health conditions of people. According to chemical evaluations, the red seeds of the fruit are filled with a lot of nutrients like Vitamin C and iron as well as anti-inflammatory agents and antioxidants. Some studies have also shown that eating this fresh or making a juice out of it can help increase the platelet levels.


Indian Gooseberries


Gooseberries or amla that are native to India has become the interest of researchers as this has been used for years to help individuals with poor health. Initially, it was found that this fruit is filled with compounds that can help improve a person’s immune system. Consequently, its effects on the platelet count of individuals with dengue have been discovered.

This fruit can be consumed in the form of juice, as a fresh fruit, or in the form of homemade jam. As a juice, this can be mixed with honey and consumed every morning with an empty stomach. The recommended number of fruits consumed or used should be from three to four only.


Final Words


No matter what you choose amongst the three fruits mentioned above to boost your platelet levels, you should remember that they should not replace any form of treatments.

Features That Should Be in Any OBD2

It’s every vehicle owner’s responsibility to keep their vehicles in good working condition. This is not only to protect themselves and their family from dreadful accidents, but also other people who may be in their proximity while their car broke down on the road. Getting a reliable OBD2 scanner is essentially a must in order to easily check the condition of the vehicle. An ODB (on-board diagnostics) provides essential data that vehicle owners and car technicians can work with quantifiably when checking their car’s condition.

Interestingly, the capabilities of OBD models have grown considerably since its inception. OBD2 models are immensely more informative unlike its predecessors wherein only light indicators were used to determine if something is wrong. Today, it’s become a lot more useful due to its capability to display actual numbers for proper and precise calibrations. When getting an OBD2 scanner, whether for home or shop use, it’s important to get one with as many features as possible. It goes without saying that not every OBD2 in the market are created equal. Here are features that should never be absent from an OBD2 scanner.

1. On-screen definitions that is easy enough to understand.

Car owners will find it difficult to work with scanners that don’t provide them with relatable information. Sure, they can take the car and have it diagnosed at an auto repair shop, but it still helps to understand what the indicators represent in order to meet eye to eye with the auto technician.

2. Printable results.

Interestingly, in a world where digital form of data is preferred over hard copies, having a printed result of an OBD2 scan is extremely helpful. Not only does this provide a visual history of a car’s condition, but it’s undeniable that it’s more convenient to have a printed piece of paper around while tuning the car.
3. Log history and storage.

Though a printed result is indeed convenient, it’s also worth having stored data of the diagnosis, for obvious enough reasons. It helps to check and compare different diagnostic results from one point in time to another in a convenient manner. Fortunately, almost all OBD2 scanners these days come with this feature. In this day and age where Gigabytes of storage fits in a storage device the size of a cornflake, it doesn’t make any sense if manufacturers forgo this feature.

4. ABS checking.

Anti-lock breaking systems (ABS) are life-savers. It prevents skidding due to sudden braking through its impressive hydraulics capability. An OBD2 should be able to comprehensively and precisely diagnose the condition of the car’s ABS, as it is an integral feature of the modern car. On that note, it’s also a must to have the air bag capability of the car checked through the OBD2.

Choosing the reputable brands when buying OBD2 or practically any part of the car is usually a safe bet. Though it would help to go to helpful sites and read this guide in order to assess whether a model’s price is justified or is simply expensive due to the manufacturer’s premium valuation.

Make Dishwashing Easier

Dishwashing is one of the most hated chores, especially if you do a lot of cooking in the house. Even if you have a dishwasher, you still have to wash some of the dishes by hand because they are not safe to put in the machine. Burnt pots and pans, greasy plates, and piles of dishes are not the best sights to see after a long, tiring day at work. But, it is also something that you cannot avoid. To make things easier for you, try out these tips.

1: Ready a basin of soapy hot water.

While preparing the food or when cooking, have a basin that is full of soapy hot water by the sink where you can throw in the used utensils and cookware. This would allow the food particles to soften and loosen, and would then be easier for you to remove when it’s time to wash. Soak used pots and pans with hot water, too. After eating, immediately soak the dishes in the hot water with detergent and let it sit while you clean the table.

2: Put the same items together.

These can be plates with plates, cups with cups, and so on. This would declutter your sink and would make it faster for you to wash the dishes.

3: Don’t let your dishes pile up.

It is better to finish washing all the dishes before going to bed at night, than waking up in the morning to a mountain of dishes in the sink. The more dirty dishes you see, the lesser you would want to do the washing. Also, if you leave the unwashed dishes for a long time, the food particles that are stuck on them would be harder to remove.

4: Get the best dishwashing supplies.

Not all the dishwashing products are created equal. Some work better than the others. Make sure that you invest your money in the good stuff that would really help you make dishwashing easier. Dishwashing detergents, sponges, brushes, and even gloves should be chosen carefully to get the best results.

5: Have baking soda and vinegar ready.

Removing the burnt food particles from pans and pots is one of the most, if not THE most, hardest thing about dishwashing. All the scrubbing and scraping is what makes a lot of people hate the chore altogether. However, it is not as hard as it looks as long as you know the hack with baking soda and vinegar. The reaction of these two ingredients together can work miracles on the hard-to-remove stuck food from your pots and pans.

6: Use hot water.

Hot water is very effective in breaking down grease and food particles. The hotter it is, the better, just make sure that you don’t burn your skin. You can also use hot water to rinse as it can remove soap particles that are left in the dishes. This would get rid of the spots and streaks on cutlery and glasses, too. If you want to get more dishwashing tips, visit http://fithouseholds.com/ .



Motorcycle Accessories Every Owner Must Have

The less adventurous souls would stick to four-wheeled vehicles to get from point A to point B, but those who love a challenge would welcome the idea of riding motorcycles. Yes, riding a motorcycle is like putting one foot in the grave. Nevertheless, there’s a certain brand of excitement that goes with riding one. That’s not all, though.

Motorcycle owners are very practical people. This is because the cost-efficiency and the versatility motorcycles have can bring a number of advantages to its owners. It allows you to get to places in the fastest amount of time regardless of traffic conditions. In addition, it’s quite affordable to maintain. More importantly, it allows people to save a huge amount of money when it comes to gas expenses. Perhaps the only “major” expense you’ll come face-to-face with as a motorcycle owner is a tune-up and the occasional battery replacement.


Even then, you can score the best motorcycle battery without spending too much by checking out reviews beforehand. You can find such reviews on the Internet. Motorcycle battery reviews give you the opportunity to compare prices of some of the best brands of batteries so you can determine which one will give you the best value for your money. Moreover, because battery replacement happens once every few years, buying a new one wouldn’t put much of a dent in your savings.

The maintenance and upkeep of most motorcycles are very economical, allowing owners to have extra cash to dress up their faithful bikes. It’s a reliable vehicle that doesn’t ask much in return. The least you could do is dress it up with motorcycle accessories to make the bike and of course, yourself look good as you travel in it. Moreover, motorcycle accessories can help enhance the bikes safety, performance and comfort.

There are many types of motorcycle accessories, what to purchase depends on the owner’s preference. Although it would be great to have a quick bike or one that’s comfortable to ride, the most important thing when on the road is your safety. Here are examples of common safety motorcycle accessories that have been proven to be effective.

Aside from the standard helmet, jacket, and protective padding, here are some of the latest safety accessories that can enhance your safety on the road.

  • Motorcycle-deer alert

This accessory is one of the latest innovations in motorcycle safety. Since a number of motorcycle accidents are caused by stray deer, dogs or even humans, this detector will inform you with a distinct alarm if there is an upcoming object in your path. This allows you to slow down or take evasive action and steer clear of such accidents.

  • Tire pressure monitoring system.

This allows you to keep track of your tires air pressure which is vital for long drives because the tire’s pressure is what helps keep your tire’s grip on the ground.

  • Reflective products

One way to avoid accidents at night is to make sure that the other vehicles see you. Aside from a standard headlight, wearing reflective products will allow you to be completely visible even in the darkest of streets.

Make sure you have all these accessories, as well as other safety accessories you think are necessary, so you won’t be putting yourself, and others, in danger when you’re riding your motorcycle.

Tips on How to Find the Best Shower System for Your Bathroom

Hygiene is an important practice for every human being. It is one of the best ways to prevent yourself from catching diseases or sickness. Taking a bath or shower is one hygiene practice that each person should do. Moreover, showering can help to soothe your nerves and relax your tense muscles after a hard day at work. For this reason, most household demand to install the best shower system in their bathroom. Buying a new shower system is not an easy task at all. There are a few things you have to consider first before buying a shower system. Thus, to help you on this matter, take a look at this very well written shower systems buying guide below.

  1. See Your Options

There are countless of shower systems on the market as well as on the web. In fact, it may greatly confuse in choosing which one will work best for your bathroom. It is important to read product reviews first about these shower systems to help you in deciding which one you are going to buy. Remember not to make hasty decisions when you read or see some flaunting advertisements. Commercial ads are designed to catch the attention of customers. Thus, do not let yourself be overwhelmed with it. See your options first. Make listings of shower system features that you want in this tool. Once you filled up your list, carefully narrow down your choices. With this, you can guarantee that what you select is based on your needs and not just because of its low price.

  1. Define your Priorities

Every household has a unique bathroom system. Therefore, one shower might not be compatible with each bathroom. When you choose a shower system make it your priority to take into account the features of your bathroom. Do not focus on the shower system’s attractiveness and affordable prices, if you do, you will certainly regret your purchase.

  1. Check the Shower’s Water Pressure

One most significant feature of a shower system is the water pressure it produces. More household prefers that their shower has a high-volume, but having this kind of volume means you need 50 pounds psi of water pressure. Then, you can only have this kind of shower if your home has an excellent plumbing if not, buying a high-volume shower is just a waste of your money. Make it a job to check first the water pressure of the shower system you prefer to buy before closing any deals.

  1. Choose an Easy Installation Shower System

Shower systems that are complicated to install are a nuisance. Be careful in choosing a shower system for some of them requires a complex installation task that needs the help of a skilled individual. Hence, once you see an attractive shower system that fits your description of an excellent shower, see to it that it has an easy installation system before purchasing. Do you need more buying guidelines for finding out the best-selling shower systems of today? Check them out at walkinshowers.org.


Different Massager Options for the Back

In an age where sitting down is a huge part of a person’s daily routine, it’s important to be wary about the dangers of too much sitting. Though it sounds ironic and absolutely nonsensical, prolonged sitting has a profound effect on the spine’s health – in a negative way. But how can sitting, a position that’s considered to be relaxing, be something so dangerous? As it turns out, sitting actually puts a lot of pressure on the spine. The constant exposure of the lower back to the pressure of the upper body’s weight eventually causes degenerative problems on the spinal discs. And the dangers aren’t spine-exclusive, but may also extend to heart problems.

With this in mind, it’s absolutely important to take heed and offset the negative effects of sitting. Buying a massage tool is an obvious and cost-effective way to do so. While a session with a massage therapist is indubitably effective in terms of getting results, it isn’t sustainable because it will cost a lot more in the long run. However, before checking out and purchasing highly rated massagers for your back, it’s absolutely important to consider what kind of massager to get in the first place.

  1. Vibrating handheld massagers.

Vibrating handheld massagers marketed as the primary product feature is quite common these days. Not all of them are effective in what they do, unfortunately. Get ones that are powerful enough to actually provide a feeling of being massaged. Ones that vibrate weaker than a small phone don’t deserve a second glance at all.

  1. Handheld rollers or knobs

Unlike vibrating massagers, handheld rollers provide the feeling of being massaged traditionally. Some people prefer the constant pressure provided by handheld rollers compared to the feeling of vibrating massagers, which is perfectly understandable. Realistically speaking, a steady pressure of a handheld roller’s knobs is closer to a real, human massage when compared to a vibrating handheld massager.

  1. Massage chairs

For some people, buying massage chairs for the sake of getting a massage is exorbitant. Understandably, with the price tags on most massage chairs, it’s easy to see why people immediately come to this conclusion. But when looking at it from a bigger perspective, one is able to fully grasp the value of having a massage chair in the home. The relief it provides to the back, the money saved from regular therapist visits and a bunch of other benefits are enough reasons to get one. Although the feeling is luxurious and relaxing, it doesn’t necessarily mean that massage chairs are luxury items.

  1. Foam rollers

Foam rollers are extremely popular with athletes, especially those who love to run. Nevertheless, even if foam rollers are more popular as a massage tool for the leg, it’s also a great tool for massaging the back. In fact, it’s generally a better tool to use than handheld rollers for one big reason: it’s easier to apply pressure. Handheld rollers need to be pressed manually, sometimes unsatisfactorily. Foam rollers; on the other hand, relies on the body’s weight to provide soothing pressure.