A Good Dating Guide at Long Last

There is said to be no fixed procedure on what to do and how to get into a relationship. The same can be said on how to carry out dates. However, this does not stop some people from putting together a set of guidelines and advices that aim to be the best there is; especially for guys who often had to make the first move. Some are reputed to get really close to that perfect set of guidelines, while some are just simply off the mark.

An example of these conceived guidelines put into a program is the Tripp Advice; and a site that has given its insight on the dating program is Date & Simple. It is a website aiming to, as it says, keep dating simple; the site offers reviews for different programs purported to help in the dating process. It is apparent that Tripp Advice’s creator made a program that explains so many things yet falls short of the goal.

What’s with the program?

The program creator, Tripp, does not even really introduce himself in any of the several videos that the program comes with; which makes one doubt about how to we could even connect him with the videos, though we can only assume that the talking guy is indeed Tripp.

The crazy part about the program is the fact that even if you would subscribe as a member who is given the privilege of receiving the guides of the program, despite being promised a total of eight video courses, chances are you won’t get access to all eight courses! Date & Simple’s Vittorio had tried subscribing to the courses, and had only been given access to four courses. For a starting price of $40, the deal, in general, may not even be worth it at all; except if you’d be able to glean the information out of the limited access given and end up getting into a relationship.

The first course, entitled What Women Want, showcases ten different women answering different questions pertaining to dating, such as their preferred kinds of dates, how women must be approached while in a bar, and their ideal first dates tips. Tripp may have done well in identifying the women as any of those typical girl types that an average guy would want to date. But unfortunately the identity of the women, like Chelsea who is dubbed as the ‘Hottest Girl in America’ cannot be verified as well; adding to the cloud to the authenticity of the tips, as well as the true identity of the ladies.

However, as a silver lining, another video course, Infield Breakdown, features another guy actually putting the tips being taught in the Tripp Advice into use; by interacting with ladies in a market and some other public areas. Tripp only gives a voiceover to the clip, which would have made him a more convincing dating guru if he did it himself. But if you’re specifically looking for dating tips being put in actual use, it’s recommended that you check these guys out as they try to apply the Tripp Advice.


Everything that your money pays for must be completely worth it; and the Tripp Advice, having a fatal flaw of not giving you all eight courses that it supposedly gives; may not be the best dating program you can lay your hands on. But if you’re merely after the actual in-the-field application of the dating ‘principles’, then the Tripp Advice may just be the perfect program for you; albeit at quite a price.

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