Beginner’s Guide: Top Common Blender Pitfalls

Kitchen devices are now becoming indispensable. More and more companies are now developing devices that could help several households for easy cooking. Kitchen devices are now becoming more and more common for several mothers, cook enthusiasts, and foodies. However, no matter how common the device is, there are still several people who always fail to use them correctly, especially for blenders. Below are the most common blender pitfalls that you unconsciously know you are doing:

  1. Not washing the blender right after using

It becomes almost everyone’s habit, where most people leave their blender unattended after use, or, wash them together with other dishes. Not washing the blender right after using could attract the bacteria to breed inside the device. Also, if you let the device remain unwashed for several hours, it would be hard to clean due to the hardened blended food remain. So, if you are too busy to clean the device right after you have used them, try to soak the jar, lid, and the paddle or blade for a few hours. This procedure will decrease the bacteria growth and easy clean-up.

  1. Trying to blend everything all at once

Blenders are not only made for chopping, but it is ideally made to liquefy or puree food. Trying to put all the ingredients into the blender, it could prevent the blade to rotate properly, which could lead to losing its complete function. The ideal way to blend your food is to put the ingredients one by one. However, if it is unavoidable, make sure to blend the ingredients according to the blender’s capacity. Blending in a reasonable amount of ingredients will provide you fine chop and blend of ingredients.

  1. Mixing and grinding of raw ingredient with cooked food

One of the most unlikely habits for most foodies is mixing the raw with cooked food together in the blender. If you want to ensure your family’s health, never mix these two ingredients. Additionally, if you want to know more about what are the do’s and don’t’s when mixing food, you can always count on reviews of the best blenders where they provide their insights on the food that should and should not be mixed.

  1. Wrong use of blender

Although some blenders are versatile, there are also blenders that are uniquely made for liquefying and pureeing of food. The common mistakes that most people encounter are interchanging the use of the food processor between blenders. If you keep on using your blender as a grinder or using them for more intensive labor task, sooner or later your blender will lose its function.

  1. Overfilling the jar with ingredient

Overfilling the jar with too many ingredients will cause damage on the blade or the paddle. So, make sure that you use them with the right amount of ingredients. Blenders are made special to make everyone’s life easier in the kitchen. However, to make it possible and to have your blender stay in its top condition, you should avoid making mistakes.

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