Buy a Great Fish Finder

Are you planning to buy your very first fish finder? Well, we must tell you: there are high chances to get a bit overwhelmed by all that technical talk. Since you are doing this for the very first time, we would like to share a few tips and tricks here and there to make things a bit easier. So, here are some of the main things to look at when buying a fish finder.

1. The transducers-  They are essential for the proper functioning of the fish finder, so you should have a closer look at these parts before you buy a sonar. The transducers represent an essential part of the sonar because they are the ones that send out and then receive back the sonar waves. Once they send the waves into the water, they bounce back each time they hit something and when the data comes back, it is sent directly to the central unit. The signals are then processed and transformed into image. The exact detail that you should look at when you check the transducer is the type of mount it uses. There are several options available and the easiest one to install is the transom mount.

2. The material the transducer is made of. This is another detail to verify before you spend money on a fish finder. Plastic will do only if you plan on fishing to relax but if you want to transform this into a business, opt for a stronger, more durable materials, such as stainless steel or bronze.

3. Cone angles. You also need to check them before you buy a fish finder. What is important here to know is that the wider the cone is, the larger area it will cover.

4. Color display versus black and white screen. This is another detail to consider when buying a fish finder. Even though black and white screen fish finders are cheaper, we recommend you to add something to the budget and opt for a color display. The color display is easier to read and you’ll get access to more details.

5. Water resistance. One last important detail to check before you invest in a fish finder is water resistance. In case the fish finder will be used on a smaller, open vessel, then consider the IPX and JIS ratings.

If you feel like there are too many things to check before you buy a fish finder and all these details are confusing you, our recommendation is to look directly at Lowrance’s Hook-3x fishfinder. This is one of the best products now on the market and the specialists at Fisherman Toolbox put a detailed review for it at your disposal. Visit their website and you will learn that the Lowrance Hook 3X is a reliable, durable product available for a fair price rate. It is also portable and it has a compact design which you will surely appreciate. Check it out and also check out its feedback; I am sure that you will be pleasantly impressed.

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