Cherry Angioma: What To Do With It?

Cherry angiomas are bright-red mole-like dots on the skin, a common skin growth. Is it harmful? What to do with it? Find about it here.

What is cherry angioma?

Cherry angioma is a common skin growth that looks like a red mole. It grows either circular or oval with its size ranging from pinpoint to one-fourth of an inch.

The bright cherry-like mole is made up of very small capillaries that grow on the arms, legs, torso, and shoulders. Technically, cherry angiomas are tumors but are considered benign or non-cancerous. Therefore, it does not pose any threat.

Here are a few more facts about cherry angioma:

  • Adults, ages 30 and above, are likely to acquire cherry angiomas. So, technically, it is rare to see any of these on children.
  •  Cherry angiomas are linked to aging. As people grow old, the number of angiomas may also increase.
  • Not everyone will acquire cherry angioma.
  • Cherry angiomas have a broad color palette; some are blue, black, and purple, but the most common is bright red.
  • They can grow flat or similar to a papule.
  • There is no exact reason why people get cherry angioma.

What to do with it?

Even though cherry angiomas do not pose threat, you can still have them removed. Check this guide on how:

  • Excision

Shave excision is one of the common methods to have cherry angiomas removed. It is an invasive procedure; using a local anesthetic for pain, the top of the angioma is shaved off or cut out. And then, the open wounds are sutured, which leaves scars.

  • Electrodesiccation surgery

In this method, cherry angiomas are burned. Using local anesthetic for pain and an electric cauterization tool, the bright cherry-like dot is burned, destroying the blood vessels that form the angioma. The burned angiomas are scraped off, leaving scars.

  • Cryotherapy

This method involves using liquid nitrogen, which is either swabbed or sprayed on the angioma. The liquid nitrogen will freeze the angioma, causing it to blister. Then scabbing will form. Cryotherapy usually takes a few days before safe peeling happens.

  • Laser treatment

Pulsed Laser Dye (PLD) is one of the popular, non-invasive ways of removing cherry angioma. In this method, the angiomas are shrunk and removed out of the skin, leaving a grayish scar that will fade over several weeks. The only disadvantage of undergoing PLD is it might take a few sessions before the angioma completely disappears. However, it depends on the size and severity of the cherry angioma.

Can anyone undergo any treatment mentioned to eliminate cherry angioma?

Again, it is not necessary to remove cherry angioma. However, if you still want to have it removed for cosmetics purposes, you need to visit your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment. In terms of the type of treatment, you may choose the treatment that suits you better – mentally and physically.

Final Thoughts

Is cherry angioma dangerous? No. It is not cancerous or poses no threat. However, if you notice an outbreak of skin lesions, you need to visit your doctor.

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