Combine Form and Function with a Customized Automatic Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle gives a person a sense of freedom that no other road vehicle can match. Feeling the wind as you speed up makes you feel like you’re flying through the air as you glide through the corners and obstacles along the road. However not all people have gone through this flight-like experience not because of safety issues but because they don’t know how to drive a motorcycle.

It’s true that driving one entails a certain level of skill because it involves hand and feet coordination, not to mention the complexity gear shifting brings takes the skill level requirement a notch higher. Many people would like to drive a motorcycle however they just don’t know how to. It’s a good thing there are automatic motorcycles that can make learning how to drive one a whole lot easier.

All you need to focus on with automatic motorcycles is the throttle and the brake pedal. As its name suggests, there is no more need to shift gears as you drive it. Shifting gears is, indeed, the tricky part in motorcycles since you are required to shift using your foot. Some motorcycles utilize a heel-toe gear shift while others just use toe shifting.

Speeding up is not a problem since all you have to do is press down on the shifting pedal with your toe as you work the clutch with your left hand. The tricky part in shifting gears is that you have to downshift as you decrease speed, and this means you have to flick the shifting pedal back up using the top side of your toe while working the clutch with your left. This complex medley of working the gears can be quite overwhelming and end up frustrating the beginner. This is why many people opt to use automatic motorcycles instead.

What, though, if the motorcycle you want is not automatic but you’re adamant to try one? Well, you’re in luck since there are now customizable motorcycles that can be built from scratch according to your specifications.

For instance, it’s been said time and again that motorcycles are the epitome of form and function. Form because, well, motorcycles are cool. Function because motorcycles are versatile – these take you where you need to go in less time than a car can simply because motorcycle can wade through traffic breezily. Imagine how much cooler you’ll look if you’re cruising down the road on a customized automatic motorcycle that’s the bomb

If you want to opt for a high-powered custom bike that’s aesthetically awesome and geared up with a powerful machine, then you may want to check the website called The Custom Motorcycle. It is your source for custom motorcycles, and it can also be a place to sell a custom motorbike, in case you have one you want to dispose of (because they don’t fit in your garage anymore!).

Automatic motorcycles relieve the user of having to worry about shifting; all they have to do is twist the throttle and step on the brake pedal, which is similar to driving an automatic car. The motorcycle rider can now concentrate on the road and enjoy the freedom riding a motorcycle brings. Moreover, with a classic, customized look, people’s heads are sure to turn when you pass them down the road aboard your customized automatic motorcycle.

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