Different Massager Options for the Back

In an age where sitting down is a huge part of a person’s daily routine, it’s important to be wary about the dangers of too much sitting. Though it sounds ironic and absolutely nonsensical, prolonged sitting has a profound effect on the spine’s health – in a negative way. But how can sitting, a position that’s considered to be relaxing, be something so dangerous? As it turns out, sitting actually puts a lot of pressure on the spine. The constant exposure of the lower back to the pressure of the upper body’s weight eventually causes degenerative problems on the spinal discs. And the dangers aren’t spine-exclusive, but may also extend to heart problems.

With this in mind, it’s absolutely important to take heed and offset the negative effects of sitting. Buying a massage tool is an obvious and cost-effective way to do so. While a session with a massage therapist is indubitably effective in terms of getting results, it isn’t sustainable because it will cost a lot more in the long run. However, before checking out and purchasing highly rated massagers for your back, it’s absolutely important to consider what kind of massager to get in the first place.

  1. Vibrating handheld massagers.

Vibrating handheld massagers marketed as the primary product feature is quite common these days. Not all of them are effective in what they do, unfortunately. Get ones that are powerful enough to actually provide a feeling of being massaged. Ones that vibrate weaker than a small phone don’t deserve a second glance at all.

  1. Handheld rollers or knobs

Unlike vibrating massagers, handheld rollers provide the feeling of being massaged traditionally. Some people prefer the constant pressure provided by handheld rollers compared to the feeling of vibrating massagers, which is perfectly understandable. Realistically speaking, a steady pressure of a handheld roller’s knobs is closer to a real, human massage when compared to a vibrating handheld massager.

  1. Massage chairs

For some people, buying massage chairs for the sake of getting a massage is exorbitant. Understandably, with the price tags on most massage chairs, it’s easy to see why people immediately come to this conclusion. But when looking at it from a bigger perspective, one is able to fully grasp the value of having a massage chair in the home. The relief it provides to the back, the money saved from regular therapist visits and a bunch of other benefits are enough reasons to get one. Although the feeling is luxurious and relaxing, it doesn’t necessarily mean that massage chairs are luxury items.

  1. Foam rollers

Foam rollers are extremely popular with athletes, especially those who love to run. Nevertheless, even if foam rollers are more popular as a massage tool for the leg, it’s also a great tool for massaging the back. In fact, it’s generally a better tool to use than handheld rollers for one big reason: it’s easier to apply pressure. Handheld rollers need to be pressed manually, sometimes unsatisfactorily. Foam rollers; on the other hand, relies on the body’s weight to provide soothing pressure.

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