Electric Knife: Is it Worth-It?

Do you need an electric knife? Is it worth it? If you are also asking the same questions, continue reading this to find out.

Electric knife, also known as an electric carving knife, is getting several reviews over the past recent years. Some find it very useful, while others say it is okay not to have one in the kitchen. The contrasting reviews will confuse you, whether to purchase one or not.

Is it worth it?

To find out, it is time to dig into its pros and cons:


#1: Convenient

Unlike a traditional knife, an electric knife is more convenient and needs less effort when cutting the roasted turkey, meat, and more.

#2: Cuts with precision

One of the good things about using an electric knife is accuracy. Cutting meat using an electric knife will give you even slices. In case you want to have evenly sliced meat or bread, you can rely on an electric knife.

#3: Better safety

There are several recorded knife-related accidents for the past few years. One of these accidents is related to cutting bulky meat. However, if you use an electric cutting knife, there is less to no chance of getting hurt.

Electric knives are designed with two side-by-side blades that quickly move back and forth. Using this power tool requires no effort to cut food; all you need is to push the device down and let the knife do its work. So, it is safer and convenient.

#4: It saves time

Did you know that you could spend as much as 10 minutes cutting tough meat or any food using a traditional knife, while just 2 minutes using an electric knife? One of the advantages of owning an electric knife is it saves a lot of your time when you need to cut bulky meat or roasted turkey during Thanksgiving.


#1: It is not portable

Yup, electric knives are not portable.

Since almost all electric knives rely on electricity, you can’t bring and use them at a place without a source of energy. Plus, there’s a long inconvenient cord that you need to take care of when cutting food. Although there are cordless electric knives that you can choose from, if you would compare the two, it is preferable to use the corded one because of its increased power.

#2: Hard to control

Since electric knives are powered knives, they are challenging to control, especially on your first try. For this reason, it is best to learn the right ways how to use an electric knife first before using it. Also, make sure to use an electric knife that you can handle. Check My Home Reviewed for tips on how to choose the best electric carving knife this year.


Is an electric knife worth purchasing?

Going through the pros and cons, it is safe to say that investing in an electric knife is worth it. You do not need to put extra effort and spend too much time just to cut the tough meat and roasted turkey.

It is convenient, energy-efficient, and time-efficient. However, to get a good cutting result, make sure to purchase the best electric knife.

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