Everything You Need to Know About Beam Distance

Beam distance is one of the terminologies you’ll frequently encounter about flashlights. It is also an essential factor to consider when looking for a tactical flashlight. But what is beam distance? Why is it so important?

Light sources are one of the basic survival tools besides pocketknives. Of course, all lighting devices share the same function – to provide illumination in dimly lighted and dark places. It allows you to look for objects and work in the dark.

While flashlights are a common light source, looking for the best flashlight is not easy. Flashlights come in a myriad of options and each one differ in style, size, lumens, durability, and beam distance. These factors affect the performance and functionality of a flashlight. For example, regular flashlights feature at least 50 lumens, which is enough for a person to look for objects in places without light. Meanwhile, tactical flashlights lumens can reach up to 1000 and above. The reason why tactical flashlights tend to have higher lumens is due to their functions. This type of flashlight is utilized specially for security, search and rescue, emergencies, and many more.

As indicated above, beam distance is one of the fundamental and essential aspects of lighting devices. However, how does it affect the flashlight’s performance? And what is the best beam distance a flashlight should have?

A Close-up on Beam Distance

Beam distance refers to how far a light will reach. A shorter beam distance means the flashlight’s coverage is minimal. On the other hand, a longer beam distance can illuminate farther allowing you to see objects from afar. For instance, a tactical flashlight with 100m of beam distance enables you to see as far as 100m. Whereas, flashlights with a 150m beam distance allow you to illuminate the area 150m away.

Which Statistic is Best? 

Most people would go for a tactical flashlight with a farther throw or beam distance. But when it comes to beam distance, statistics don’t matter. It all depends on the purpose of using the flashlight.

For household use, a tactical flashlight with a shorter beam distance is sufficient. You don’t need a lighting device with a long beam distance only to illuminate your way down the stairs or when looking for something in the garage. Most flashlights with longer beam distances tend to have more intense light. The last thing you’ll want is blinding one of your family members or neighbors by using a tactical flashlight with high lumens and beam distance.

If your work in the security and law sector, a tactical flashlight with far beam distance is the best option. It is likewise suitable for jobs involving search and rescue. Fishermen, farmers, factory workers, and sailors can also benefit from tactical flashlights with high beam distance. If your job belongs to one of these sectors, you can check out this review to learn about the latest top-seller tactical flashlights.

More Advice

Beam distance is only one of the factors you have to consider when looking for a tactical flashlight. You also have to check the durability, lumens, and power source of the device to name a few. And lastly, always take into account your purpose in buying a tactical flashlight. It will serve as your guide in determining which option is the best one for your needs.

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