It’s time to change your cooking habits if dinner preparation in your household means pre-packaged frozen meal or opening a brand new box of cereal. Creating a healthy dish that is low fat and tastes great is simple and you don’t have to an accomplished cook to do it. Choosing foods that are packed with nutrients and avoiding unnecessary dietary fat without sacrificing flavour is the key challenge in cooking your food the healthy way.

Here are some easy low-fat cooking techniques that you can learn quickly.


Steaming means simply cooking your food in enclosed equipment instilled with steam. There are several ways on how you can steam your food. You can use a perforated basked that rests above a covered pot of boiling water, you can use a foil or wrapping paper, use a Chinese bamboo steamer that can be stacked on top of a wok or with an electric steamer for more convenience.

Steaming eliminates the need for additional fats in the process of preparing your dish and it also seals in its flavors. Aside from microwaving, steaming is a good technique which preserves food nutrients better than any other cooking techniques. It is ideal for shellfish and fish since it does not dry out the flesh of these delicate ingredients.


This is probably one of the simplest of all cooking techniques. Broiling cooks your foot through direct heat in an electric gas stove; it is usually in the bottom part of the drawer of your oven. It delivers the same as grilling. The difference is that the heat in grilling comes from below while in broiling to come from above. Depending on how you want your food to get cooked, you can either move it closer or farther from the constant heat. If the cut of your food is thin, it should be closer to the heat source. Chicken and lean cuts of beef that are marinated first or basted during cooking will work perfectly in broiling since it is a dry-heat cooking technique.


Stir-frying is a cooking technique where food is cooked at a very high heat for a very short time. It is essential to cut your foods into uniform, small pieces to makes sure all ingredients are thoroughly cooked since they will be cooked quickly. Your attention is fully required in this cooking technique as you need to continuously stir and even toss your ingredients at times to avoid the food sticking in to the wok or pan.

Wok is the best equipment to do stir-fry cooking. It features sloping sides and rounded bottom and is specially designed so your food can brown quickly in the so-called belly of the pan and then moved up to its sides to finish cooking in a slow manner. The traditional Chinese woks are made from cast iron which takes a bit of time to heat up. Nowadays, most woks are created from carbon steel, which quickly heats and cools down.

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