Know What Foundation to Get

Have you ever though what kind of foundation is the best? The choice of foundation may not seem to be that important, but it does matter; people have different kinds of skins, ranging from dry to oily. Skin texture can also vary. Your choice of a foundation does leave an impact on the outcome of your look. It’s the match between its two most common variations, the powder foundation vs. liquid foundation.

The makeup foundation, after all, is the member of your makeup kit that gives your skin, especially the face, that uniform color. Not only that, it can also cover flaws and enhance your skin tone. This is why it’s important to get a good foundation; a good base will help in the makeup application.

Having so many factors to consider, don’t worry; Ellis James Designs is here to help you out. Their site is known for giving tips and guides on improving the fashion sense for all women. They’ve listed the factors that will help you decide what foundation you should get for your skin.

1. Texture

A liquid foundation is either oil-based or water-based. It is recommended that you use the oil-based variant if you have dry, well-textured skin, because of its consistency being able to cover your skin surface. The water-based variant can be used on the kind of skin that is a combination of textures.

For powder foundation, its compact packing presses the mixture, but it’s not actually loose and won’t get flung anywhere. Also, while texture varies from brand to brand, feel free to check the different brands and look for the one that is soft and having no rough particles. If you have oily or combination skin, the powder foundation is good for you; being very small, the particles won’t end up clogging your pores, and having less in its mixture means that there’s only a small chance of stumbling on an irritant.

2. Application

You probably need makeup, but chances are you don’t like it on your face! In that case, you’ll want the powder foundation. Use the correct type of brush and sponge to give you the best results. But the advantage of powder lies in its applicability; it’s so easy that some guys, people that aren’t that conscious with their looks, use them from time to time. Perhaps the only issue is on its form; it can make a mess.

For liquid foundations, they’re actually better in covering your whole skin evenly. Liquid foundations, especially the oil-based ones, are good in hiding dark spots and other blemishes. Also, these foundations have better shade range than powder foundations.

3. Trends and pricing

Liquid foundation can get taken off if you’re sweating and/or if it’s hot. Ellis James Designs recommends that you use liquid foundations in cold seasons like winter and the powder foundations during summer or hot seasons.

While we can’t pin down all of the brands and their prices, liquid foundations tend to be more expensive than powder foundation.

4. Formulation

Powder foundations usually have fewer ingredients and therefore you’ll have less chances of running into stuff that will cause skin irritation. This can be an issue for those with sensitive skin, given that they have lesser options on what product to choose. However, this can soon be a thing of the past, as manufacturers of both types of foundations are using natural ingredients that are skin-friendly.

Your choice of a foundation will have to depend on what look you want to sport. Both types can exist together in your kit; as shown by Ellis James Designs, it all depends on the situation. Just take your pick on the foundation that suits you, and you’ll be in for a greater look in no time!

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