Modern Bedroom Furniture Invokes Function in Simplicity

Say goodbye to four-poster beds and other intricately-looking carved furniture crowding the bedroom. Gone are the massive, wooden armoires and chests to store clothes and other personal belongings. Most bedrooms today are swamped instead with modern bedroom furniture that is streamlined, functional, and made up of light materials. Beds are generally the platform type with built-in drawers underneath and a small dresser that can double as a nightstand. Closets are mostly built-in and are made to disappear by blending in the walls where it will not catch attention.


The concept of modern bedroom furniture changes with time just like fashion. This generation’s style has shifted into less ostentatious designs. The use of wood is not just becoming more expensive, it is similarly taking a heavy toll on the environment. Today’s modern construction materials sensitively innovate around the use of more eco-friendly or green materials fabricated to render sturdiness, beauty, and function. Modern bedroom furniture equally bears the mark of sleek style with its clean lines and surfaces, functionality, use of contemporary construction materials.


That’s not all, though. Even the choice of bed linens has drastically evolved. Duvets with lace trimmings are a big no-no these days, as sheets and pillowcases covered in brocade. Bedrooms of today go for the minimalist look – plain or with minimal abstract design, neutral colors, simple, yet elegant. You can see this post to check out the type of comforter that would complement modern bedroom furniture. The comforters on that page are filled with European down fill are made of string check cotton of the highest count. Thus, you can guarantee that the comforter is superbly made. More importantly, it’s guaranteed to provide you with many warm nights; its down filling will ensure that. It promises to be one of the warmest and most comfortable comforters to ever hit the market, so it would definitely go well with the homey appeal of your modern bedroom furniture.


Choosing your modern bedroom furniture must be done with thought and planning since the furniture takes the focus in a bedroom. If intending to use some old pieces for sentimental or economic reasons, update them so they can fit in the entire interior decoration concept. The hardware like intricately-designed knobs and handles may need to be replaced with no-nonsense pieces that are contemporary in design. The color may also need to be changed to conform to the color scheme of the new bedroom.


Generally, contemporary interior decorations make use of black and white with red as accent or cream and brown with yellow or green as accents. Other vibrant colors may also be used, depending on the colors to be used in the accessories like the window treatments, rug, artwork, and, as mentioned earlier, the bed linens and throw pillows.


About one-third of the time is spent on a bedroom for resting, sleeping and other personal things one may want to indulge into one’s heart content. It is important therefore to mind the modern bedroom furniture make it as comfortable and pleasant as it can be. If it is a modern bedroom that is wanted, think of minimalism, simplicity, and function and you’ll never go wrong.


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