Natural Way to Increase Low Platelet Counts

Platelets are fragments of cells that are important in the preventing blood loss. Certain conditions affect the normal level of platelets. Such include bacterial or viral infections and alcoholism. Most of the time, we only think that blood transfusion is the only way to improve the levels of platelets. However, that is too invasive and drastic and can only be used when you have too low platelets.


With that in regard, there are certain measures to do when you have a mild or moderate decrease in platelet count. Some of these tips for improving your low platelet count are actually natural in nature. In fact, you do not even need to spend too much. These remedies, however, are not treatments as they have only proven their benefits through the experiences of people who have tried or done these measures.




According to some traditional medicine practitioners, ripe papaya fruit can help improve the production of blood in general. Hence, your platelet count can also be improved. However, as the case of dengue increased, most countries started using papaya leaf to help improve the platelet levels of their relatives who have low platelet. Amazingly, there has been an improvement in most cases. Such results are also supported by research that has been conducted by the Asian Institute of Science and Technology in Malaysia.


In order for the leaf to work, a concoction must be made by putting some papaya leaves in water that is contained in a kettle. Bring to a boil for at least 10 minutes and at most 15 minutes using medium heat. Others say that the water should reach half of its volume before removing it from the heat. Strain the produced concoction and drink it two times in a day.


Since the ancient times, pomegranate has been used to help improve the health conditions of people. According to chemical evaluations, the red seeds of the fruit are filled with a lot of nutrients like Vitamin C and iron as well as anti-inflammatory agents and antioxidants. Some studies have also shown that eating this fresh or making a juice out of it can help increase the platelet levels.


Indian Gooseberries


Gooseberries or amla that are native to India has become the interest of researchers as this has been used for years to help individuals with poor health. Initially, it was found that this fruit is filled with compounds that can help improve a person’s immune system. Consequently, its effects on the platelet count of individuals with dengue have been discovered.

This fruit can be consumed in the form of juice, as a fresh fruit, or in the form of homemade jam. As a juice, this can be mixed with honey and consumed every morning with an empty stomach. The recommended number of fruits consumed or used should be from three to four only.


Final Words


No matter what you choose amongst the three fruits mentioned above to boost your platelet levels, you should remember that they should not replace any form of treatments.

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