Everything You Need to Know About Beam Distance

Beam distance is one of the terminologies you’ll frequently encounter about flashlights. It is also an essential factor to consider when looking for a tactical flashlight. But what is beam distance? Why is it so important?

Light sources are one of the basic survival tools besides pocketknives. Of course, all lighting devices share the same function – to provide illumination in dimly lighted and dark places. It allows you to look for objects and work in the dark.

While flashlights are a common light source, looking for the best flashlight is not easy. Flashlights come in a myriad of options and each one differ in style, size, lumens, durability, and beam distance. These factors affect the performance and functionality of a flashlight. For example, regular flashlights feature at least 50 lumens, which is enough for a person to look for objects in places without light. Meanwhile, tactical flashlights lumens can reach up to 1000 and above. The reason why tactical flashlights tend to have higher lumens is due to their functions. This type of flashlight is utilized specially for security, search and rescue, emergencies, and many more.

As indicated above, beam distance is one of the fundamental and essential aspects of lighting devices. However, how does it affect the flashlight’s performance? And what is the best beam distance a flashlight should have?

A Close-up on Beam Distance

Beam distance refers to how far a light will reach. A shorter beam distance means the flashlight’s coverage is minimal. On the other hand, a longer beam distance can illuminate farther allowing you to see objects from afar. For instance, a tactical flashlight with 100m of beam distance enables you to see as far as 100m. Whereas, flashlights with a 150m beam distance allow you to illuminate the area 150m away.

Which Statistic is Best? 

Most people would go for a tactical flashlight with a farther throw or beam distance. But when it comes to beam distance, statistics don’t matter. It all depends on the purpose of using the flashlight.

For household use, a tactical flashlight with a shorter beam distance is sufficient. You don’t need a lighting device with a long beam distance only to illuminate your way down the stairs or when looking for something in the garage. Most flashlights with longer beam distances tend to have more intense light. The last thing you’ll want is blinding one of your family members or neighbors by using a tactical flashlight with high lumens and beam distance.

If your work in the security and law sector, a tactical flashlight with far beam distance is the best option. It is likewise suitable for jobs involving search and rescue. Fishermen, farmers, factory workers, and sailors can also benefit from tactical flashlights with high beam distance. If your job belongs to one of these sectors, you can check out this review to learn about the latest top-seller tactical flashlights.

More Advice

Beam distance is only one of the factors you have to consider when looking for a tactical flashlight. You also have to check the durability, lumens, and power source of the device to name a few. And lastly, always take into account your purpose in buying a tactical flashlight. It will serve as your guide in determining which option is the best one for your needs.

Hot Drink Recipes that You Will Love

What is cozier this cold season than a pair of fuzzy socks and slippers, and a hot drink recipe? There is nothing more soothing than wrapping your fingers around a piping hot mug of mulled wine or hot cocoa. If you are looking for ideas for a new, favorite hot drink recipe, we are here to help. Check out the list below, try some of the recipes that we happily share, and choose your new favorite beverage for this cold season.

  1. Easy Chai Tea. You might have never tried the Chai Tea recipe at home, having the impression that it is a difficult one to make. Chai Tea is easier to make than you think. You only need to combine crushed spices, cinnamon sticks, ginger, milk, and tea bags. Boil all these together and let steep for 10 minutes. If you enjoy an extra kick of caffeine, then add a shot of espresso. You will obtain a DIY dirty chai.
  2. Spicy mulled wine. You probably know how to make mulled wine, but we have a new recipe that you will love. If you host a party and have a big crowd to satisfy, mulled wine is the perfect hot beverage to prepare as a big batch. You can obtain a balanced cocktail instead of a sticky sweet one if you simply add peppercorns and spicy fresh ginger.
  3. Creamy caramel latte. You might think that you need fancy ingredients for this luscious latte. You might also think that you need a good espresso machine and a milk frother. The truth is that you can make an extra-strong coffee in a French press, and you can froth the milk in a mason jar.
  4. Warm mulled cider. Have you ever tried mulled cider? You probably tried mulled wine but mulled cider is even better in our opinion. What you need is a good apple cider, ginger, and orange zest. You will love both the smell and the taste.
  5. Spiced hot cocoa. I am sure that you already know how to prepare hot cocoa. Just follow your regular recipe and add ground chipotle and cinnamon. You will thank me later.
  6. Blender eggnog. You probably love egg nog, but you rarely prepare it because it takes a lot of time. What if we tell you that you can simply blend all the ingredients and enjoy the same taste? Try it, and egg nog will surely be part of your cold season routine from now on.
  7. Minty hot cocoa float. How can you transform the delicious, traditional hot cocoa into a dessert-like treat? It is easier than you think: you add a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream. It tastes as delicious as it sounds.

Lots of people don’t like winter because it is cold and dirty. You might be one of them, but we are sure that winter will slowly but surely become one of your favorite seasons if you try the hot drink recipes mentioned above.

Tips on How to Connect External Speakers without Receiver

To make your home theater system speakers work, you need a receiver to connect them to the television. But what if you do not want to use one? 

The purpose of a receiver is to receive the audio and video signals coming from several sources, including the speakers. But what if you do not want to use one? How do you connect external speakers without using a receiver?

There are several ways to connect external speakers to TV without using a receiver; these include the following:

#1: Using a 2-channel amplifier

A 2-channel amplifier is one of the best substitutes for a receiver; it can work similarly to a receiver. To connect, use a compatible connection cable and hook it up to the TV’s Audio Output or HDMI port. And then, use the amplifier’s speaker output to connect the speakers to the TV. Lastly, to decrease your television’s internal speakers to avoid audio conflict between your external speakers and the TV’s internal speakers.

Take note; use an amplifier that is compatible with the speakers and the television model.

#2: Using a Hub

Another great substitute for a receiver is using a hub.

A hub is a type of repeater that has two ports, used to connect devices. Technically, it is used to conned computers to create a LAN network, but you can also use it for speakers-TV connection.

Take note; there are two types of hubs: the active and the passive hub. The active hub is used to regenerate weak signals, while a passive hub is simply used to transmit signals. And for a TV-speaker connection, you should choose a passive hub.

Lastly, a hub is in similar size with receivers and runs cheap too.

#3: Using a wireless connection

If your television is Bluetooth enabled, why not use a wireless speaker?

However, take note that the compatibility between the speakers and the television is critical to make the Bluetooth connection work.

#4: Using a decoder

Although using a decoder is not ideal for connecting speakers and television, they can still come in handy if you do not want to use a receiver.

A decoder is capable of converting audio or video signals into another form. However, using a decoder to connect your speakers to your television must be your last choice. And if it is your only choice, you need to make sure that the decoder, speakers, and the television are compatible with each other.

#5: Direct connection

Using a direct connection is the easiest option for everyone. However, it is not always the best option because, sometimes, it is not as effective as it sounds. Your television speakers may sound better than this option. Nevertheless, if this is the option you currently have, you need to look behind your television and look for audio output. And then, using a compatible cable, connect your speakers to your television.

Final Thoughts

To make your home theater system speakers work, you need a receiver. But if you do not want to use one, you can always rely upon using other options.

Camping Knife: Top Reasons to Own Mora Knife

Are you thinking about getting a camping knife? Why not choose the Mora knife?

There are several camping knives that you can find in the market today, but one of the most popular is the Mora knives. However, most of the Mora knives are designed with a simplistic, practical, and ordinary look. And it appears it does not highlight any special features, unlike expensive camping knives. So, why are these knives popular?

If you try to look beyond the knives’ simplistic looks, you will find several good reasons to own one now.

Reason #1: It holds sharp edges for a long time

All Mora knives are known to have sharp edges. And while the knives are easy to sharpen, you do not need to sharpen them more often because it can hold their sharpness for several weeks. However, the period of its sharpness will depend on the Mora knife’s materials. For instance, carbon steel blade-made Mora can hold its sharpness 1-2 weeks, while a rust-resistant stainless steel knife may require frequent sharpening but not too often compared to other knives.

Reason #2: Versatile

Mora camping knives are highly versatile. These knives can perform a wide variety of bushcraft tasks, including carving, digging, animal skinning, rope trimming, and more. Also, the Mora knife is easy to use and maneuver, allowing you to complete delicate tasks. Moreover, since the camping knives are designed with a firm-grip handle, it is easy to work on intricate carving tasks. If you check this review of the best mora knife by Wandering Privateer, you will understand more how versatile the knives are.

Reason #3: Durable

With proper use and maintenance, Mora camping knives are nearly indestructible. The knives can be used on several materials, including tough ones.

Reason #4: Lightweight

Mora camping knives are known lightweight and easy to carry. In fact, a standard Mora knife can have an average weight of 5.568 ounces, which makes it easy to maneuver compared to other brands of camping knives. Also, despite their weight, the Mora camping knives are surprisingly durable when it comes to performing several bushcraft tasks.

Reason #5: Several to choose from

Another great thing about Mora knives is their diverse models, which are classified into three: the basic, advanced, and the specialized.

  • Basic Mora camping knives are ideal for beginners, but professionals can use them too. Also, these knives are multipurpose.
  • If you want a more durable Mora camping knife, you should look for an advanced type. Advanced Mora camping knives are perfect for tough and taxing tasks.
  • Although most Mora camping knives are versatile, specialized Mora knives are designed for specific uses.

To choose between several options of Mora camping knives, you should consider your bushcrafting and camping skills.

Reason #6: Affordable

All Mora knives are surprisingly inexpensive. In fact, it is one of the reasons why Mora knives are appealing to a lot of campers. So, if you are looking for a high-quality made, durable, easy to maintain, easy to use, versatile, and affordable camping knife, you should choose a Mora camping knife.

Top Reasons Why You Should Choose HVLP Spray Gun over Conventional

HVLP spray gun is a very useful tool, but not everyone thinks so. Check this post and find out why you should choose the HVLP spray gun over the conventional sprayer.

What is HVLP spray gun? And why it is different from the conventional?

A High Volume Low Pressure or HVLP spray gun is similar to a conventional sprayer; both use compressor to supply the air to make the gun work. However, the HVLP uses lower pressure than the conventional sprayer. Also, the HVLP uses a higher volume of air to aerosolize and force the paint out from the gun at lower air pressure.

So, why choose the HVLP spray gun over the conventional? There are a lot of reasons why hvlp spray guns are better than conventional ones;

Reason #1: Less overspray

As mentioned, the air pressure between the conventional spray guns and the HVLP spray gun is different. The conventional sprayers use high pressure to propel the paint out but at a relatively low volume of paint. The HVLP spray gun, on the other hand, uses low pressure to force the paint out, which is at about 10 PSI at the outlet. Thus, with a high volume of air at a lower pressure, this limits overspray.

Reason #2: Higher transfer efficiency

Due to the high volume of air to aerosolize and propel the paint out, the HVLP spray guns have higher transfer efficiency where more paint sticks to the surface of your project, resulting in less overspray, less waste, fewer clean-up, and faster spray painting. In fact, according to the experts, 65 percent of the transfer efficiency rate an HVLP spray gun can produce versus the 25 percent for conventional sprayers.

Reason #3: Better for health

Since conventional sprayers are prone to overspray, these are not good for the environment and your health. These sprayers release a more volatile compound, and when breathed in, it can cause health problems. The HVLP spray guns, on the other hand, shoot less paint into the air, cutting down overspray and the risk of inhaling the volatile compounds. Plus, with less to no overspray, few pollutants are released into the air; thus, making it better for the environment.

Reason #4: Cost-efficient

Since the HVLP sprayers are known to cause fewer to no overspray, you are reducing the cost of paint by 30 to 50 percent than the conventional sprayers at 25 to 35 percent. However, always keep in mind that one of the disadvantages of using an HVLP sprayer is its thicker coat, where it can cause large droplets and uneven application. Before applying the paint, try to do a quick spray practice to ensure you are doing it right, especially if you are new to spray paint.

Final Thoughts

Both the conventional and the HVLP spray guns are very useful. However, when it comes to efficiency, cost, and quality finish, the HVLP sprayers are on top compared to the conventional ones. So, if you are confused about whether to purchase conventional spray guns or an HVLP sprayer, you should consider the latter over the former.

Watch Out for these Warning Signs of Low Tire Pressure

Your car’s tire needs enough pressure to guarantee smooth balance and support. If the tire is under-inflated, it can affect the car’s performance. It also forces the engine to work, thereby resulting in damage and costly auto repairs. Furthermore, it causes premature damage to tires.

Low tire pressure directly affects the car’s fuel consumption. If you are trying to save on fuel money, make sure your tire contains the right amount of pressure.

Indeed, all of these show the significance of having correct tire pressure. Then, how can you determine when your car’s tire needs more air? Here are some clues that will help you figure out if your tires are lacking in pressure.

#1 TPMS Reading

Recent car models have built-in TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System). It is a system that alerts you when the tire pressure is too low. If your car’s TPMS shows an exclamation point or warning signal, immediately check your tire’s condition. Add air on the tire until the warning light turns off.

#2 Flat Tire

If you heard flapping noise when driving, chances are you have a flat tire. Underinflated tires slap the pavement, which results in flapping noise when driving. If this happens, pull over and check your car’s tire pressure.

#3 Low-Pressure Reading

You have to check tire pressure regularly. Monitoring tire pressure reduces the risk of underinflated tires. You can monitor tire pressure by using a tire pressure gauge.

A tire pressure gauge is a fundamental tool every car owner should have. Owning a tire pressure gauge assures your tires contain enough pressure when traveling and lessens your chances of having a flat tire. If the gauge displays a low-pressure reading, add more air on your tires.

When it comes to tire pressure gauges, make sure to buy a high-quality and robust device, like the JACO Elite Tire Pressure Gauge. You can check out this JACO elite tire pressure review to learn more about this tool.

#4 Consumes More Fuel

When the car is underinflated, it forces the engine to operate, which results in more fuel consumption. Therefore, you use more fuel despite traveling in the same mileage.

If you refuel more than usual, try to check your car’s tire. Add more air to it if the tires are underinflated.

#5 Steering Issues

Underinflated tires cause you to lose control over the car. You will experience steering problems. The vehicle sways into turns and takes too long to turn than usual. Likewise, it takes longer for your car to come to a complete stop. If the vehicle is more difficult to maneuver and break, check the tire pressure for it could be the problem.


The moment you notice the above signs of low tire pressure, take action fast. If you let the vehicle run while experiencing these issues, it might cause damage to your engine and could lead to accidents.

Always remember that your vehicle’s condition is crucial to safe driving. Thus, learn to monitor your car daily and fix any issues.

Do you need more details about tire pressure? You can go to My Automotive Zone to find out the basics about monitoring tire pressure.

Seven Foods to Boost Testosterone Naturally

Testosterone in the male body is primarily the hormone that is responsible for the manliness. Be it facial hair, muscle strength, strong bones, or sexual drive, testosterone is the reason behind it. Testosterone is found at different levels among two persons of the same age group and different levels among men in different age groups. It is a well-known fact that testosterone starts receding with age and the low level of testosterone can be undone with medical treatment, nutrition supplement, and some home remedies. Health products that boost testosterone can bring great improvement to the low T level, but the selection can be tricky if you don’t have good knowledge of it. You can read some great reviews on some trusted review sites like knowyourhealthproducts.com to know better about the product before you pay for it.

Medication can help boost testosterone level, but if research findings are to be believed if once you start taking medication or supplements for testosterone boosting, the body starts to cease the natural production of testosterone. Hence it is better to consult a good doctor before you start taking the supplements. With this, we are left with the safest choice to deal with the testosterone issue, i.e. the natural remedies. In natural remedies to regain testosterone, the food constitutes a major part. Here we will discuss in brief about the foods that aid us in boosting testosterone naturally;

Fishes: Tuna, sardines, and salmon are a great source of vitamin D along with protein. Vitamin D is well known to be immensely helpful for testosterone improvement. Eating these fish rich in vitamin D twice every week will be good enough.

Oysters: Zinc is one of the three major contributors to boost the testosterone level in the male body as well as improves sperm health. Oysters are probably the richest source of Zinc in foods among all the foods we find around us. Zinc can also be obtained from nuts, red meat, and shellfish, etc.

Pomegranate: It not only increases the level of testosterone but also improves the blood pressure and lightens your mood. This food is considered to be good for the heart and has elements that help us in busting stress.

Eggs: Especially egg yolks, which are usually thrown away by the health-conscious people helps in improving the low testosterone level in men. Egg yolks are packed with vitamin D and in reality have more nutrients to aid testosterone than egg whites. Although there is still the fear of increasing the cholesterol level n your body in the process, still you can take two to three eggs a week.

Beef: Beef is known to be a great source of testosterone. The liver and ground beef are also is a rich source of zinc.

Honey: It has a mineral called Boron, that helps us in improving the T level and helps improve the blood flow in our body. We can shed the artificial sugar whenever we can and add honey to our diet plan.

Fight against low T level can be own if we stick to a proper diet plan and regular workout with quality sleep will help us win the battle sooner than we have ever imagined.

How to Improve Your Outdoor Living Space with Highwood USA

No doubt, you give your indoor living space more attention than any other part of your home. Well, it does deserve your care since you welcome guests inside your home, and it is where your family finds comfort. However, have you thought of giving your outdoor living space the same care?

Your home’s outdoor space is as important as your indoor space. It needs your care and attention. Moreover, it reflects your personality and how much you put effort into your home’s aesthetics.

Improving outdoor space requires effective planning. For instance, you have to consider what type of furniture is best to choose.

One of the trustworthy brands of outdoor furniture today is Highwood USA. They have been providing premium-grade pieces of furniture for gardens, patio, and many more for years. And they specialize in manufacturing environment-friendly furniture that can help reshape your outdoor living space into a functional area.

If you are planning to develop your outdoors, here are the best stuff Highwood USA has to offer.

#1 Adirondack Chairs

Adirondack chairs are a great choice if you want a sanctuary outside the walls of your home where you can relax. This type of furniture is an outdoor lounge chair. It is well-known for its versatility. You can use add it in your garden, patio, or near your pool.

Most people admire Adirondack chairs for its classic appearance that matches any outdoor space. Whether you place it near the suburbs, city, or waterfront, this piece of furniture will fit right in.

Highwood USA offers different styles, themes, and colors of Adirondack chairs. You can read this post here to find out their best options.

#2 Ottomans

Lounging on an Adirondack chair is only one way to help you relax. If you prefer a traditional option, check out the Highwood’s chairs and ottomans.

The company’s chairs and ottomans vary from rustic, elegant, to contemporary styles. Moreover, the furniture came from high-quality and environment-friendly materials. Therefore, you can guarantee that it will last longer compared to ordinary outdoor chairs.

#3 Rocking Chairs

A rocking chair is a great piece of furniture for relaxation and comfort. Lounging on a rocking chair while looking out in the open will truly drain all your worries and anxieties away.

The Highwood USA also offers sturdy and steady rocking chairs. Their rocking chairs move in a smooth back and forth motion, allowing your body and mind to relax.

#4 Porch Swings

Adding porch swings on your patio or garden is another way to enhance the space’s functionality. The Highwood USA porch swings are built to offer comfort. Imagine sitting on a porch swing as it gently sways while you are reading a book or simply admiring the scene around you. It will certainly add more beauty and serenity to your outdoor space.


Don’t let your outdoor space put into waste. Transform it into a functional environment that provides comfort and relaxation to the family. And one of the best ways to do it is by installing high-quality furniture from reliable brands like Highwood USA.

Do you need more details on how to find the best outdoor furniture? You can read it here at The Patio Chair.

Top Choice Budget-Friendly Facial Scrub for Dry and Sensitive Skin

Every adult woman dreams of having that youthful-looking and blemish-free skin. Unfortunately, exposure to pollutants, UVA rays, and dirt make it impossible for women to achieve healthy skin. It is as if having perfect and gorgeous skin is just a far-fetched dream.

Having a beautiful, smooth, and radiant skin is not impossible. Anyone can have it with proper skincare methods such as regular cleansing and exfoliating. But of course, you will have to use organic skincare products to assure great results.

One of the top-seller cleansing and exfoliating product out there is Acure Brightening Facial Scrub. Coming from a well-established manufacturer, Acure Brightening Facial Scrub you can trust that this skincare product will help you achieve beautiful, soft, blemish-free, and radiant skin.

Why Choose Acure Brightening Facial Scrub?

Aside from being a product of a trustworthy brand, Acure Brightening Facial Scrub has many advantages. First, it is one of the top-seller facial scrubs with all-natural ingredients. It contains sea kelp, lemon peel, and French green clay particles. These organic ingredients are rich in vitamins and minerals that are essential for skin health.

For instance, sea kelp has high levels of iodine and fatty acids that help in retaining moisture on the skin. Likewise, it contains antioxidants that support removing toxins and keeps the skin protected from inflammation, breakouts, and blemishes.

Additionally, the lemon peel and French green clay particles on Acure facial scrub are great exfoliating agents. It minimizes pores, making the skin softer and smoother. And although these are exfoliating agents, these ingredients will not strip off the skin’s natural moisture.

Acure Brightening Facial Scrub has a mild formula. It has no harsh substances and hidden ingredients that might cause harm to the skin. The formula of this facial scrub is completely safe for individuals with dry and sensitive skin. Additionally, this product is a cruelty-free item. It contains zero animal products, which makes it an ideal option for strict vegans.

Another reason why this product is admired by many buyers is because of its affordable price. Acure Brightening Facial Scrub is an affordable facial scrub option. Moreover, it is highly accessible. You can buy it leading distributors both near you and online.

Thus, if you are looking for a budget-friendly skincare product this year, Acure is one of the best reliable brands.

Does Acure Brightening Facial Scrub Have Drawbacks? 

Although Acure Facial Scrub offers great advantages, it does not mean the product is no shortcomings. This facial scrub has inconsistent granules. Additionally, it has a runny texture when applied to the skin. Some buyers might find all of these unappealing.

If you do not like a runny texture on facial scrubs, you can find other alternatives here at Younger Skin Guide. This online source will lead you to other reliable budget-friendly facial scrubs in the market this year. You can also check out their reviews to find out which facial scrub is the best option for you.

Also, if you have questions about skincare products and need more advice on how to find the best choices, you can ask the Younger Skin Guide for help.

Heart Rate Monitors: Everything You Need to Know About it

Monitoring the heart rate during a workout or physical training is now considered as one of the effective practices that will help the fitness and sports enthusiasts and professionals to find out if the training was effective and worth it.


What is a heart rate monitor?

The heart rate monitor is a personal monitoring device that will provide the wearer a real-time data or measurement of the heart rate continuously – which is a great benefit for individuals who works out and does physical strength and endurance training.

Following the heart rate monitor system, the target goal is to work-out or train within the target heart zone while aiming to get the maximum impact, at the same time, to keep the cardiovascular system safe during the strenuous workout. According to the experts, it is not safe to increase the intensity that is beyond your heart can handle; it is recommended that during exercise, the heart rate should be between 55 to 85 percent of the maximum heart rate. This is how important having a heart rate monitor, you can measure, whether the training or exercise program is safe while you are aiming to get the maximum impact.

What are the types of heart rate monitors?

Generally, there are two types of heart rate monitors – a wireless chest strap heart monitor and a pulse monitor (wrist heart rate monitor device).

  • Wireless chest strap heart monitor is a device that you strap around the chest and the sensor should be close to the heart. The sensor located at the strap will gather the data and will send it to the monitor that is worn on the wrist. This type of heart rate monitor system is the simplest and most accurate since the sensor in the strap is placed near to the heart.
  • Wristwatch touch type monitor is the most convenient heart monitoring device and least expensive. Most of these trackers use light sensors to measure the pulse; the data gathered will be readily provided on the display. However, in terms of accuracy, the chest strap heart monitor is more accurate than the wristwatch heart rate monitor.

To get a wider scope about the types of heart rate monitors, you should visit this reliable website https://myheartratemonitor.com/types-of-heart-rate-monitors/ .

Who can use a heart rate monitor system?

Heart rate monitor isn’t only designed for people with medical conditions that require frequent heart rate monitoring; devices like these are a great help for:

  • Physical training (training on strength and endurance)
  • Aerobics
  • Runners (to keep the cardiorespiratory system on check)

Which heart rate monitor is best for you?

If you are planning to invest in heart rate monitor and it is your first time to do so, here are the essential factors to consider when choosing the best heart rate monitor system:

  • Monitor type; choose which is convenient for you.
  • Monitor features; get a heart rate monitor that provides better features in terms of data reading and accuracy.
  • Accuracy; choose a heart rate monitor that will provide you accurate data reading.

Was this helpful?

If you need additional details on these, visit My Heart Rate Monitor’s website today.