Product Guide: 2018’s Top Ironing Boards

The ironing board is one of many essential household accessories that are used alongside with a steam or flat iron; without its existence, ironing types of fabric could be challenging.

Here are this year’s top ironing boards that you need to check before deciding on choosing one:

  •    The Bathla X-Press Ace

Bathla X-Press Ace ironing board is one the most popular brand due to its careful and scientifically designed ironing boards. Below are its technical specifications and features that will make you understand why it is considered as one of the top ironing boards available in India:
o    Carefully manufactured with dimensions of 143(cm)x42(cm)x10(cm)
o    Manufactured with a cover made from aluminized cloth
o    Can tolerate any type of floors due to the anti-skid PVC shoes
o    Expanded ironing space with large multi-function tray
o    Made durable due to the high-grade steel
o    Scientifically designed with precision for the molded plastic parts
o    Manufactured with efficiency due to the adjustable height

  •    The Synergy

The ironing board brand is one of many household favorites due to its design and prints; even though the ironing board has lesser features than its other competitors, below are its specifications and reason why this brand is rising in demand:
o    Expanded ironing space with 123 (cm)x43(cm)x95(cm)
o    Manufactured with an absorbent cloth
o    The steels are made from high-quality materials
o    Easy to operate with adjustable height
o    Manufactured with locking system

  •    The Peng Hummer

The Peng hummer ironing board is one of basic, but trusted brand to offer excellent and quality performance. Below are its specifications and advantages that you need to look at:
o    The cushion is made from an enhanced foam technology, providing a more absorbent ironing experience
o    Manufactured with 110 (cm) x 34 (cm) x (6 cm) dimension
o    Made durable due to the quality materials and the powder coat
o    Foldable and adjustable at four levels
o    Affordable

  •    The PAffy

The ironing board brand is one of the traditional, yet offers excellent ironing experience due to the following specifications and features:
o    Manufactured with a shockproof wooden board
o    Manufactured with protective tips at the legs
o    The cushion is made out of foam cloth
o    Durable steel due to the powder coat
o    Manufactured with metal chrome plated rack

However, this brand has setbacks that you need to watch out; if you are tall, this brand will not fit your liking, having 3.5 feet maximum in height, you need to think twice before purchasing the product. Nonetheless, when you need a sturdy and small-sized ironing board that can fit your room, PAffy can help you with that.

  •    The Wayne Enterprise

Similar to Synergy, Wayne Enterprise ironing board is one of the popular brands when it comes to the board’s structure and built; here are its specifications and features:
o    Durable and heavy
o    Expanded ironing space; in fact, it is considered to have the largest ironing board with 122 (cm) x 47(cm) for its dimension
o    Adjustable height
o    Manufactured with protective guards made from rubber

Final Verdict

Choosing one can be very challenging, however, to make it easier for you, you have to weigh your ironing demand over the brand’s style and design.
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