Product Review: Everything about Roadstar 3-Ton Aluminum Floor Jack Low Profile

Roadstar 3-ton aluminum floor jack low profile is one of the well-known floor jacks in the market today; if you are currently on the hunt for a reliable low profile floor jack, you may consider Roadstar 3-ton aluminum floor jack.

Product description:

The Roadstar 3-ton aluminum floor jack low profile is a combination of strength and durability; despite its steel service jack, the floor jack is surprisingly light in weight – thanks to its aluminum-based floor jack.

Product specifications:

•    Minimum lift weight: 3.86 inches or 9.8 cm
•    Maximum lift weight: 18.6 inches
•    Weight: 33.23 kg or 73.26 lbs
•    Size of the caster wheel: 1.8 inches x .9 inches
•    Size of the front wheel: 2.6 inches x 1.6 inches
•    Saddle diameter: 4.6 inches
•    Handle length: 45 inches
•    Overall product dimension: 30.12” L  x  14.76” W x 7.08” H
•    Extended height: 18.6 inches
•    Weight lifting capacity: 3 ton
•    Materials: Aluminum and steel

Product Key Features:

1. The 3-ton hydraulic racing floor jack is constructed from aluminum and steel; which makes the floor jack durable, powerful, reliable, and lightweight at the same time.
2.    The lightweight floor jack is consists of aircraft grade heat that is treated with aluminum hydraulic block and an aluminum chassis, which is designed to make it easier to handle and easy to position under any type of vehicle.
3.    Constructed with a safety valve that helps prevent overloading.
4.    Designed with dual pisto that helps in rapid lifting of any load at 3-ton maximum.
5.    The Roadstar 3-ton aluminum floor jack low profile is constructed with dual return springs.
6.    It is designed and constructed with dual return springs and a rubber saddle that helps protect the vehicle’s underside.
7.    Constructed with side handles that make it easy to carry.
8.    Designed with high-quality large diameter hydraulic steel cylinder, which helps in lowering oil pressure that is needed to raise load up to 3-ton. Also, the hydraulic steel cylinder helps in reducing wearing out of the floor jack, as it helps to extend service life.

What is included?

•    The Roadstar 3-ton aluminum floor jack low profile
•    Two pieces of handles
•    Steel service jack
•    Valuable user’s guide

If you want to check more of these, check here: http://autoaidoutlet.com/3-ton-aluminum-floor-jack-low-profile-review/; there are a lot of things to discover about Roadstar 3-ton aluminum floor jack low profile – here are a few reasons why you should keep a Roadstar 3-ton at your garage:

•    Reason #1: It is durable and easy to maintain.
•    Reason #2: Reliable and easy to use.
•    Reason #3: Versatile, which can be used in all types of low-profile vehicles; ideal for automotive body shops, farmland, home garage, construction, and industrial sites, and sports car.
•    Reason #4: Highly performing low-profile floor jack.
•    Reason #5: Designed with safety features.

There are a lot of good reviews on Roadstar 3-ton aluminum floor jack; in fact, if you check a couple of reviews and posts like this, you’ll be surprised to see how popular the floor jack is.

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