Setting Up a Distortion Pedal

Before you decide that you need to use your guitar, setting up an organized venue for you to start over is an added advantage. This gives an ease time as you are performing without halting your music as you proceed. You need to know how to correctly set up a distortion pedal.

Connecting them in order

Having more guitar pedals you require more cables on stage. You need to know that if you have two pedals, you will need three cables to fix them to your guitar. One has to connect the guitar, the other one to connect the two pedals and the third cable to connect the amp.

Assembling your stage correctly shows that you are skilled enough to know what you need to do with your own guitar. While connecting the pedals together you can purchase the patch cables. These are short cables meant to connect the pedals together.

The pedals make your work easier when using the short cables that make your pedal board to look nice and neat. For your input and output cables for the pedals, the long cables would work well. The long cables help you to position the pedal far away from the amp. It also helps you when you need extra space to move as you perform on stage.

For this project, each item will need another for it to function. The distortion pedal needs an amp, guitar and cables for them to function efficiently. There need to be a source of power supply from the battery or the electricity.

Powering your guitar pedals

After setting everything right, the next thing is to put power on. There are a multiple ways in which you can power your pedals to receive power. Most of the guitars use the external power supply while some can use the battery power. You can choose a power supply depending on the guitar you have.

The external power

You do not need to worry if the batteries are going to die as you perform on stage. All you need is a wire running on the floor connecting the pedal to the power supply. You can use power directly from the wall and works perfectly if you are using more than one guitar. Some of the pedals may come with a power supply making work easier when fixing in to the power socket.

If you have more pedals, you are able to chain using multiple power supplies. You can also opt to get an external power supply that is dedicated to power your entire pedal board. The power supplies can connect many pedals to one power supply. Ensure you match the pedal power requirements to the needs with the correct power supply.

What if your distortion pedal uses the battery power?

You can open the back of your pedal and insert a battery. You can use a screwdriver to access the battery compartment. It is your choice to use between normal batteries or rechargeable batteries. The rechargeable are the best for they can give you a long service compared to the normal batteries which can die fast while using.


When you are setting up a distortion pedal, it is important to know the necessary steps required for the whole process to function well. Arranging them in order then connecting to a power supply, you can start your performance as your audience listen to the music.

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