The Best Vaporizer for Dry Herb

There is no need to worry inhaling toxic smoke while using the dry herb vaporizers. There are a number of devices that have come up very well designed without combusting of materials. This makes you enjoy using these very important devices as you inhale your herb. These are some reviews of the top vaporizers out there that you need to know.

Mig Vapor DRAY

This is a great device for new vapers to start their inhaling experience. It has a heat setting that is adjustable using a large, all quartz chamber of heating. On the front part of it has a digital OLED display showing temperature and the battery life.

It has three buttons on the control side of the device and applied heat. The DRAY range is between 385F to 450F. It is easy to grip it well with a compact and rubber exterior. It is easy to use weed vaporizer and for only the dry herb materials.

Herb-E From Mig Vapor

It is a small design that is portable. You can easily move with it from one place to another without difficulties like the desktop design. It has a sturdy that is metal build with a carbon fiber exterior. You can choose your preferred temperatures using the two preset temperature settings. This is the best feature for you to use with an in built battery and with it you are assured it will last longer.

Mig Vapor Pro 50 Combustor

For this devise you will never get worried on how your herb will be burned. It has a 50W amount of heat that can burn your vape. It is made of ceramic porcelain elements of heating. It has a battery of 1600mAh with a tube form and an interesting surprise on its base. The section of the battery looks like a tube with tiny LED display to control the heat at the base section.

The sides has two buttons of selecting and a battery that can get as high as 50W. Most of your contents can burn to the best products. With a maximum of 50W you will enjoy the smoking factor instead of vaping. It has a recommendable wattage of 29W.

The PAX 3

This carries two factors that can benefit you most. It can be used for the wax or the dry herbs. It has a Bluetooth customized settings which are compatible and is easy to carry around. When ready it starts vibrating meaning it is ready for use. It has a four preset heating features. The piece mouth hides at the top part of the device.  It has a single button that controls features on the device.


The market has scrutinized the potential of new, unique and designed features for every weed inhaler to enjoy every moment of their vaping. There is no lame excuse why you as a dry weed inhaler should not avail yourself with the modern vapors. Each devise is unique in its own way and with different prices you can choose the best that you feel is good.

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