The Connection between Heating Pads and Constipation

Few people are aware of the fact that heating pads can be used for more things, not just for pain relief. For example, were you aware of the fact that heating pads represent an excellent treatment for constipation? Constipation is a real problem which can lead to a chain of side effects in case it is ignored. This is why it is best to find an efficient treatment as fast as possible. Before we discuss in more detail find out how heating pads help constipation, we think that it is important to first find out a bit more about the main reasons why constipation problems appear. Here is a list of some of the most common reasons why constipation appears.

1. Having too much chocolate. Believe it or not, if you are a chocolate addict, you will deal with a constipation issue at one point. People think exactly the opposite: that if you eat some chocolate, you will solve your constipation problem. Well, when combined, cocoa and sugar will build up proteins, which are difficult for the body to digest.

2. Medications. There are some medications which can be very useful for other conditions and diseases but which cause constipation as side effect. There is nothing you can do about it: if you have a certain condition or disease, then you need to follow the treatment.

3. Certain vitamins. If you need to take a supplement of calcium or iron (iron is specifically needed as supplement in pregnancy), you should expect constipation.

4. Skipping meals. Some people deal with a lot of extra weight and in their desperation to get rid of it, they end up skipping meals. Other people have to juggle with a hectic schedule on a daily basis so they simply end up eating only in the evenings because they didn’t have time earlier in the day or they forgot. Skipping meals is becoming more and more common but it is clearly not good for your overall health, one of the side effects being constipation. When you shock your stomach with the reduced food intake, expect for the digestive process to become slower as well.

5. Fat rich foods. If you are a big fan of fun rich foods, such as fries, burgers or pizza, expect for your stomach to have difficulties in digesting them.

So, can a heating pad help with constipation? Yes, it can. The role of the heating pad is to warm up tissues in a certain area. When the tissues are warmed up, they will constrict less than usual, so the waste will easier go through the canal, even though it is not properly digested. This is how a heating pad can efficiently help people suffering from constipation. As mentioned above, most people who use heating pads have the impression that these only help with relieving muscle pain but as you can now understand, they can be applied for other health issues as well, with very good results. I know that you will not be unhappy with the outcome.

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