The Sad Story of Homelander: Facts that make him a Tragic Character

Homelander is not the superhero everyone would look up to, unlike Superman. He was created as a protagonist but became an antagonist. What exactly had happened to him? This is the sad story of Homelander.

Who is Homelander?

Homelander is the most powerful member and the leader of “The Seven” – the most popular and powerful American superheroes owned by Vought International. Also, he is the strongest character in the “The Boys” universe. He has god-like powers, super strength, super hearing, x-ray vision, and laser eyes – pretty similar to Superman’s.

Dark Past

Homelander had a back story almost similar to Superman’s, but a bit darker. Homelander did not know who his parents were. He was born to a mentally challenged mother and from an unknown sperm donor. Sadly, his birth mother was killed right after Homelander was born.

When Homelander was a fetus, he was injected with an extreme amount of Compound V – a powerful chemical substance, developed by the Nazi government, making the babies or young children into superhumans. Homelander spent most of his young life in the secret lab. He was tied to a hydrogen bomb, keeping him from escaping.

Homelander was named John by the doctors. And his childhood inside the lab was not an easy one. John was put through several painful physical tests, experiments, and surgeries to bring out and test his superhuman abilities. Here are a few things he had to experience inside the lab:

  • He was forced into a furnace.
  • He was being boiled alive.
  • He was forced to fight the strong Vought guards.
  • He was brainwashed.
  • He was forced to read and memorize several things posted on the projector for hours.
  • He experienced his first heartbreak when he accidentally killed his mother-like figure tutor by hugging her too tight, causing him to develop isolation-induced depression and a sociopathic alternate personality.

Homelander being a Superhero

As years passed inside the lab, Homelander developed superhuman abilities, including:

  • Ability to fly
  • Invulnerability
  • Superhuman strength
  • Superhuman hearing
  • X-ray vision
  • Laser vision

As mentioned, all of Homelander’s abilities are similar to Superman’s, which makes you wonder who is more powerful when it comes to homelander vs superman?

Homelander became the leader of The Seven (a parody team of Justice League). They did superhero jobs, but some of them would be tragic. One heroic event that turned tragic was during the 9/11 attack when they tried to save a large number of people, but it caused their death; all because of miscommunication and miscalculations.

Dark Events

Homelander’s downfall started in issue #40, where The Boys received incriminating photos of Homelander murdering someone, and being involved in necrophilia, and cannibalism. And the most shocking part was raping Billy’s wife, Becca. However, Homelander had no recollection of doing such acts, leading to his insanity and sadism.

Due to the growing blackmail and bad events, he led a coup d’etat against the government with the other false heroes, killing several people and superheroes.

Shocking Truth

After Homelander killed the president, he found out that one of his trusted allies in The Seven, Black Noir, was the one in the photos and the real evil who raped Becca. It was also revealed that Black Noir was Homelander’s clone.

Distraught, Homelander tried to kill Black Noir, but he lost the battle. Billy, who learned the truth, killed Black Noir.

Final Thoughts

Homelander’s journey continues; neither a good guy nor a bad guy.

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