The Top Things That Men Should Not Keep in Their Wallet

The wallet is one of the staple things that men carry with them when they leave the house. However, one of the biggest mistakes that men make is carrying too much information with them in their wallet, especially identification cards. In fact, they can lose almost everything in their wallet, but not the social security card, because it is more damaging than anything. Revealing your social security number may trigger identity theft, where someone can open loans or credit cards under your name. So, to keep those damaging things to happen, below are the top things that men should never be kept in their wallets as much as possible:

  1. Identification cards


Bringing too many identification cards can cause misfortune to you if in case you lost your wallet. Also, you should keep in mind that social security number is not only found in social security card, it can also be registered with your driver’s license, issued state or federal ID, and even your Medicare card. However, the problem is, it is unavoidable not to bring ID cards with you because it can save you in case you run into some accidents. So, the best way to deal with it, keep one or two ID cards and make sure not to lose your wallet.

  1. Blank Checks


Never bring blank checks with you, especially if you have already signed some of them, it can cause you real trouble. Imagine, you are disclosing your account number and even the routing number with the filled checks; thus, this mistake may trigger thieves to transfer funds electronically.

  1. Carrying multiple credit cards


Never bring multiple credit cards with you, it can cause you big damage if a thief will run into you. Also, canceling numerous credit cards can be a real hassle, especially if you need to visit 2-4 banks just to cancel them. So, rather than bringing 4-5 credit cards with you, why not bring enough cash if you want to run some errand or 1-2 cards in case you make some emergency or unplanned purchases.

  1. Credit card receipts


One of the perks of phishers is they can obtain sensitive information from a limited data printed on your credit card receipts. So, always clear out your receipts in the safest way that phishers can never find benefit with.

  1. Combination of passwords


One of the biggest mistakes that men do when carrying their wallets around is bringing a small cheat sheet for the passcode. Although it is cumbersome to remember all unique passwords you have, still you should never write them down on a piece of paper and stash them into your wallet. Any thieves can run into your debit card number or any account number can withdraw all your money. Instead, use an application for mobile phones with an encrypted password to ensure that no one knows about your passcode. There are a lot of things that men should never stash in their wallet and carry around with them because it can cause them too many consequences.

So, if you are looking for the best gift ideas for men, and if you find wallet as one of them to give to your mate, choose something that has several secret pockets or those that have lesser pockets, this is to remind them that they should never carry too much in their wallet.

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