Tips for Beginner Triathletes

Training for any kind of sport, race, or tournament can be a tedious task. However, training for three different sports at the same time is more than laborious for many. A triathlon is a competition that includes three different components – swimming, cycling, and running. The distance of the race would vary depending on the type.

There is the ‘Sprint’ which is comprised of a 0.5 to 0.75-kilometer swim, a 20 to 22-kilometer bike, and a 5-kilometer run; ‘Super Sprint” has a 0.4-kilometer swim, a 10-kilometer bike, and a 2.5-kilometer run; the ‘Olympic’ with a 1.5-kilometer swim, a 40- kilometer bike, and a ten-kilometer run; the ‘Half Iron’ comprising of an almost two-kilometer swim, a ninety-kilometer bike, and a twenty-kilometer run; and the ‘Ironman’ which includes a 3.8-kilometer swim, a hundred eighty-kilometer bike, and a forty-two-kilometer run. Beginners usually go for ‘Super sprints’ for their first try at the game before they challenge the longer distances.

Training for each leg is vital as the athlete would need to be excellent in all three categories. If you are a beginner and would want to train for any of the types of triathlon competitions mentioned above, you might want to read more here for some helpful tips.

Tip #1: Get Your Gear

There are a number of gears that you would need for the competition. The basic things that you would need would be a bike, a tri suit, a helmet, running shoes, a triathlon transition bag, and a water belt. Make sure that all your things are prepared and ready to use when you join the competition. Always check your gear for damages a day before the race so you would have time to have them repaired or replaced if needed.

Tip #2: Make A Workout Plan

You do not have to work out for the whole day just to prepare your body for an upcoming race, although you would need to start the training as early as possible so you could work on your weaknesses longer. Take advantage of breaks, holidays and days off to train more. It is best to schedule your workouts and training so it won’t interfere with your daily life, but do not put it at the bottom of your priorities.

Tip #3: Practice Transitioning

One of the hardest parts of a triathlon is the transition from one leg to the other. Since you would be doing three different legs without the luxury to stop and adjust your body for the next, you should include the transition in your training plan. During practice, you won’t need to bike and run the whole distance. Make your muscles get used to the adjustments and changes in the courses.

Tip #4: Hire A Coach

Even with a well-thought plan, you would still need a trainer to guide you on what you would need to do and point out what you need to work more on.

Tip #5: Prepare Your Mind

Not only would you need to prepare your body for the race, you also have to be mentally prepared for the pressure and other mental challenges that the training and the race would be giving you. Think positive and keep in mind that you are doing this not only for the people cheering for you but also for yourself.

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