Tips on How to Connect External Speakers without Receiver

To make your home theater system speakers work, you need a receiver to connect them to the television. But what if you do not want to use one? 

The purpose of a receiver is to receive the audio and video signals coming from several sources, including the speakers. But what if you do not want to use one? How do you connect external speakers without using a receiver?

There are several ways to connect external speakers to TV without using a receiver; these include the following:

#1: Using a 2-channel amplifier

A 2-channel amplifier is one of the best substitutes for a receiver; it can work similarly to a receiver. To connect, use a compatible connection cable and hook it up to the TV’s Audio Output or HDMI port. And then, use the amplifier’s speaker output to connect the speakers to the TV. Lastly, to decrease your television’s internal speakers to avoid audio conflict between your external speakers and the TV’s internal speakers.

Take note; use an amplifier that is compatible with the speakers and the television model.

#2: Using a Hub

Another great substitute for a receiver is using a hub.

A hub is a type of repeater that has two ports, used to connect devices. Technically, it is used to conned computers to create a LAN network, but you can also use it for speakers-TV connection.

Take note; there are two types of hubs: the active and the passive hub. The active hub is used to regenerate weak signals, while a passive hub is simply used to transmit signals. And for a TV-speaker connection, you should choose a passive hub.

Lastly, a hub is in similar size with receivers and runs cheap too.

#3: Using a wireless connection

If your television is Bluetooth enabled, why not use a wireless speaker?

However, take note that the compatibility between the speakers and the television is critical to make the Bluetooth connection work.

#4: Using a decoder

Although using a decoder is not ideal for connecting speakers and television, they can still come in handy if you do not want to use a receiver.

A decoder is capable of converting audio or video signals into another form. However, using a decoder to connect your speakers to your television must be your last choice. And if it is your only choice, you need to make sure that the decoder, speakers, and the television are compatible with each other.

#5: Direct connection

Using a direct connection is the easiest option for everyone. However, it is not always the best option because, sometimes, it is not as effective as it sounds. Your television speakers may sound better than this option. Nevertheless, if this is the option you currently have, you need to look behind your television and look for audio output. And then, using a compatible cable, connect your speakers to your television.

Final Thoughts

To make your home theater system speakers work, you need a receiver. But if you do not want to use one, you can always rely upon using other options.

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