Tips on How to Remove that Stinky Smell on your Blender Bottle

Do you love fruit shakes or smoothies? Does your meal always include protein shakes?

If your answer yes, then, you definitely need a blender bottle to satisfy your healthy lifestyle.

A blender makes it possible for you to prepare all kind of nutritious food and drink. It is a piece of very versatile equipment that every household kitchen must have. So, if you don’t have a blender bottle today, now is the right time to get one!

Of course, the blenders are not cheap. Though you’ll get to find blenders that are budget-friendly, however, take in mind the money you spent to buy the item. Hence, you have to take care of it to guarantee long-lasting use and preserve the functionality of the blender.

One of the most common problem when it comes to blender bottle maintenance is the stinky smell from food especially milk and protein shakes. Week-Old milk is not something you would like to smell on your blender. Aside from the awful odor, the stains are difficult to remove. It gives your blender a horrible off-color look.

Then, how can you get rid of that stinky smell on your blender bottle?

For useful tips on how to clean a blender bottle, below are the ultimate advice you have to follow.

Wash After Use

The primary preventive measure to foul smelling blender bottle is to wash it immediately every after use. Washing the bottle will help to remove the food residue that is the source of the rancid odor. Likewise, washing the blender bottle with water and dish soap eradicates the food debris stuck on the blades as well as the food stains.

Never leave your blender bottle unwashed for days, or worse, for weeks. If you do, prepare for a tough battle of removing those stains and smell of spoiled milk or protein shake.

Use Lukewarm Water

Most individuals use tap water to wash kitchen implements and utensils. Though tap water with dish soap can clean the utensils, however, it isn’t enough to get rid of bacteria and microbes on the item.

Using lukewarm water for washing blender bottles kills bacteria and microbes present on the bottle. Also, lukewarm water softens the food debris that has already hardened over time. Hence, it makes your job of washing the bottle easier and faster. And, you can guarantee that your blender bottle is safe to use.

Prepare a Solution

If the spoiled shake or milk has been on the bottle for weeks, you’ll have to prepare a solution to get rid of the stinky smell and stains as well. You can find effective solutions for removing putrid odor and stains on bottle blenders through reliable sources like the Prime Shop Kitchen.

Examples of 100% effective solutions for this problem is baking soda with vinegar, rubbing vanilla extract using wet paper, and placing damp coffee grounds in the bottle.

If you want to find out more details on how to prepare these solutions, all you have to do is go to the Prime Shop Kitchen. This website can provide you all the info you need to know when it comes to blender bottle maintenance.

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