Tips to Making Your Freshwater Fish Healthy

Fish is one of the best choices to have around as pets. Aside from being beautiful, they are also entertaining and safe for kids. However, taking care of freshwater fish is more than just giving them food regularly. There are a lot of things to know to make sure that your fish would stay healthy and happy.

Tip 1: Choose the Right Tank Size

You cannot just get a small tank for a fish that would grow to be 12 inches long, would you? Yes. A large tank may be a lot to deal with. However, it would have more advantages than the smaller ones. Even if you have small fish, the water in the tank would be much more stable in a wider area when the filter clogs or the temperature changes. Aside from that, your fish need room to roam around freely without being uncomfortable because of overcrowding. Overcrowding would lead to low oxygen levels, excess waste and more.

Tip 2: Know the Right Water Parameters

When getting a fish, ask experts about what chemistry of the water the fish needs. You should know the pH levels, nitrate, ammonia, and nitrite of the water before putting your fish in it. Also, acclimate your fish for it or them to get used to the new environment. You can acclimate the fish using the float method, the drip method or by using a quarantine tank.

Tip 3: Replace the Water

You do not need to get rid of all the water at once. It is more recommended to change only a quarter of the water in the aquarium per month. When you change the water, make sure that the water you put in the tank has been conditioned. To do this, you can use some supplements for de-chlorinating especially if you are using tap water.

Tip 4: Clean the Tank Regularly

Replacing the water is not enough to make sure that the environment of your pet is clean and safe. You would need to make sure that the tank is free of waste, algae and other unwanted particles that could harm your fish. Make sure to use the right tools to clean the sides of the tank. Use the appropriate vacuum to remove the waste materials from the gravel, too.

Tip 5: Do Not Overfeed Your Fish

It is most recommended to feed your fish frugally. Over feeding it would only make the tank dirty and the fish sick. Do not leave your young kids to feed the fish unattended. Be sure to help them measure the right amount and instruct them on the right time to feed. Also, be mindful of what you give your fish. Certain kinds of fish might need different kinds of food.

Tip 6: Beautify the Place

Just like how you make your home beautiful, you should also give time to making your pet’s home livable. Give it a place to hide and play around. Add plants and other decorations for your fish to enjoy.

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