Tips to Repaint Adirondack Chairs

If you love your Adirondack chairs, but they dont look good anymore, you can bring them back to life. Adirondack chairs are among the most popular pieces of outdoor furniture, and for a good reason: they are comfortable and have an attractive design. Although Adirondack chairs are easy to maintain, it still is a good idea to refresh them every few years by repainting and refinishing them. If you are willing to refresh your Adirondack chairs to prepare them for this summer season, the experts at The Patio Chair are happy to teach you everything you need to know. We gathered some of their tips together, so check them in the list below.

  • What paint to use. I am sure that you are looking for quality, durable work. It is the reason why you should opt for oil-based paint. It is more expensive than other types of paint, but it is worth the extra penny. If you are an eco-friendly type of person, then you should avoid oil-based paint and go with tung oil. Water-based paints are easy to clean, but they are not as durable as oil-based paints.
  • Clean before repainting. Numerous people commit the same mistake: they apply the paint directly on the chair that has been unused for several months without first cleaning it. It is a big mistake because the final result will not be balanced. The paint wont look the same all over the chair, so you will have darker and lighter spots. Painting requires some prep work, so clean the chairs before you repaint them.
  • The repainting step. If the chair is clean and has dried out after you used soap and water on it, check it out for parts that need tightening. Check the arms, the back, and the seat, and make sure that they havent gone loose. Retightening is easy to do. You only need a screwdriver, and you dont have to be much of a handy person to do it. If you are looking for long-lasting effects, apply one coat of paint, wait for it to dry out, and apply another coat of paint.
  • If you are looking to extend durability for your Adirondack chairs, then you should pay attention to these tips. If you live in an area with heavy wet weather, you can protect the wood with a coat of polyurethane. Also, dont get cheap on the paint and the brushes that you use to repaint the chairs. You can save money short-term, but they can damage the wood. Of course, this can turn into a costly mistake, as it is expensive to refresh damaged wood. In some cases, your Adirondack chairs might only be good to be thrown away, so buying new ones requests an extra budget.

Use the tips mentioned above, and your Adirondack chairs will have a long life. Adirondack chairs are of top quality, which means that you can maintain them in a good shape for a long time. You only need to learn a few tips and tricks.

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