Top Factors to Consider When Buying the Right Lightweight Convertible Car Seats for our Child

Car seats for infants and toddlers are critical to their safety; unfortunately, not every car owner is taking a serious thought about what to buy and which car seat is best for their children. According to the statistics, aside from not wearing seatbelts, several child death caused by a fatal accident is due to incorrect car seat installation and use.

Convertible car seats are a perfect choice when transitioning from infant car seat to a more appropriate seat; these are designed to secure your child’s safety while inside the car. In fact, statistics show that risks on fatal injury and are reduced significantly, however, with the right car seat; more preferably rear-facing or convertible car seat.

Convertible car seats today are designed smart, where it can be used as a rear-facing seat for a few months and later into a front-facing seat.

If you are planning to buy a car seat for your child, you should choose one of the top lightweight convertable car seats  that are available in the market today. Also, to choose the right one for your child, try considering these following factors when buying a lightweight convertible car seat.

1. Know the basic

Choosing a convertible car seat requires you to consider three things:

•    The child’s age
•    The child’s height and weight
•    If the convertible seat had met the safety standards

Fortunately, convertible car seats can be converted from rear-facing to front-facing seat; so, you do not need to replace the seat, whenever required. For instance:

•    Rear-facing seat – Infants ages from birth to two are required to seat on a rear-facing seat; also, your child’s weight should no longer be higher than what is required.
•    Forward-facing seat – This is ideal for toddlers until 4-years with no more than 40 pounds.

2. The quality

One of the essential factors when buying anything is its quality, same goes with convertible car seat; here are a few features that you should check before buying one:

•    The seat label should meet or exceed the safety standards, which is the Federal Motor Vehicle Standard 213.
•    It should have more than three-point harness; preferably five-point seatbelt.
•    It should have positive ratings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or the NHTSA.
•    It should be new.
•    It should be light; for faster and easier transport.

3. The price

Do not compromise the quality of the convertible car seat with the price. There is a lot of car seat that is available in the market today; some are cheap, while others are expensive. If you are about to purchase one for your child, you should check its consumer reviews and ratings because there are affordable car seats that are reliable and assure safety and security.

Final Thoughts

While it is essential to buy the right convertible car seat, you should also know how to install the car seat properly. Proper installation of the seat is also crucial to your child’s safety; so, always check the manufacturer’s instruction.

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