Top Four Earplugs for Shooting Ranges

Hunting and shooting sports are thrilling activities. If you love the adrenaline rush, these sports are the best one for you. Although these sports are enjoyable, it can also damage your hearing; according to the experts, frequent exposure to shooting can make you go deaf.

A gunshot sound ranges from 120dB to 190Db. Such sound levels can cause immediate damage to your hearing. Of course, the human is not built to handle loud noises; according to the experts, a healthy individual can handle sounds ranging from 50-60 dB which occurs in typical conversation. Sound levels from 85 dB can already cause permanent damage when extremely exposed.

Hence, the danger in shooting and hunting is not only by being accidentally hit by a bullet, but you can also lose your hearing when performing these sports without ear protection. The next time you go out in the field for some hunting experience or go to a shooting range, make sure to wear protective coverings like earplugs.

Wearing earplugs is a basic safety measure for hunters and sportsman. However, know that earplugs for shooting activities are different compared to regular earplugs. If you don’t have a pair of earplugs, get good earplugs for taking to the range. Here are the top four earplugs this year that you must check out.

#1 Howard Leight Laser Lite Foam Earplugs

One of the leading brands of earplugs for industrial environments and shooting range is Howard Leight Laser Lite foam earplugs. This pair of disposable earplugs offers an NRR of 32 dB which can handle indoor and outdoor shooting. Also, it is comfortable to wear, feels soft and easy to position. Moreover, it stays in position despite frequent movement.

#2 Peltor Digital Earplugs 

If you are leaning on something more advanced, the Peltor TEP digital earplugs are your best option. This pair of earplugs has an excellent NRR of 30 dB which is ideal for outdoor shooting environment. This earplug is comfortable to wear and very low profile. However, Peltor TEP-100s is more expensive compared to other earplugs in the market, yet, you will never regret its performance.

#3 SureFire Earplugs 

The SureFire EP4 is designed for an outdoor shooting range. This earplug features an innovative filter system that reduces decibel levels of a sound above 85 dB. SureFire EP4 has an NRR of 24 dB. Therefore, you can still hear crisp gunshots, especially when used indoors. That is why EP4 is only advised to wear outdoors.

#4 Decibullz Earplug

The Decibullz is unique since it is the only earplug with inner ear silicone and outer ear canal custom molded putty combined. This innovation is quite effective in reducing noise levels both in an indoor and outdoor shooting. These earplugs have NRR of 30 dB which is high compared to other brands.  Also, Decibullz earplugs are reusable. Thus, you don’t have to buy another pair of earplugs after a shooting game. All you have to do is to store it correctly for long-lasting use.

What are you waiting for? Level up your hunting and shooting game without damaging your ears. Use quality earplugs from the helpful guide of this source.

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