Top Reasons Why You Should Choose HVLP Spray Gun over Conventional

HVLP spray gun is a very useful tool, but not everyone thinks so. Check this post and find out why you should choose the HVLP spray gun over the conventional sprayer.

What is HVLP spray gun? And why it is different from the conventional?

A High Volume Low Pressure or HVLP spray gun is similar to a conventional sprayer; both use compressor to supply the air to make the gun work. However, the HVLP uses lower pressure than the conventional sprayer. Also, the HVLP uses a higher volume of air to aerosolize and force the paint out from the gun at lower air pressure.

So, why choose the HVLP spray gun over the conventional? There are a lot of reasons why hvlp spray guns are better than conventional ones;

Reason #1: Less overspray

As mentioned, the air pressure between the conventional spray guns and the HVLP spray gun is different. The conventional sprayers use high pressure to propel the paint out but at a relatively low volume of paint. The HVLP spray gun, on the other hand, uses low pressure to force the paint out, which is at about 10 PSI at the outlet. Thus, with a high volume of air at a lower pressure, this limits overspray.

Reason #2: Higher transfer efficiency

Due to the high volume of air to aerosolize and propel the paint out, the HVLP spray guns have higher transfer efficiency where more paint sticks to the surface of your project, resulting in less overspray, less waste, fewer clean-up, and faster spray painting. In fact, according to the experts, 65 percent of the transfer efficiency rate an HVLP spray gun can produce versus the 25 percent for conventional sprayers.

Reason #3: Better for health

Since conventional sprayers are prone to overspray, these are not good for the environment and your health. These sprayers release a more volatile compound, and when breathed in, it can cause health problems. The HVLP spray guns, on the other hand, shoot less paint into the air, cutting down overspray and the risk of inhaling the volatile compounds. Plus, with less to no overspray, few pollutants are released into the air; thus, making it better for the environment.

Reason #4: Cost-efficient

Since the HVLP sprayers are known to cause fewer to no overspray, you are reducing the cost of paint by 30 to 50 percent than the conventional sprayers at 25 to 35 percent. However, always keep in mind that one of the disadvantages of using an HVLP sprayer is its thicker coat, where it can cause large droplets and uneven application. Before applying the paint, try to do a quick spray practice to ensure you are doing it right, especially if you are new to spray paint.

Final Thoughts

Both the conventional and the HVLP spray guns are very useful. However, when it comes to efficiency, cost, and quality finish, the HVLP sprayers are on top compared to the conventional ones. So, if you are confused about whether to purchase conventional spray guns or an HVLP sprayer, you should consider the latter over the former.

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