User Guide for a Rice Cooker

You might never know why your kitchen needs a rice cooker until you get one for your kitchen. A quality rice cooker, you will find is quite a compliment to your kitchen. You will even notice that whenever you cook rice, it will be more delicious than ever before.

However, just like any other kitchen appliance, you will have to know how to use it well so that the results are satisfying.

When starting, measure the amount of rice you want to be done and put it into the cooker’s bowl or pot. In some rice cookers, the bowl is removable. You should also note that cooked rice occupies much more space than uncooked rice, so you will have to leave space for expansion. Different types of rice vary with space they take when cooked.

You can rinse the rice when you deem it necessary as they may have harmful substances you want to get rid of. The next step is adding adequate water to the rice; if you have no idea on what amount is necessary you need not worry. Some rice cookers will tell what amount of water is to be added so that the rice is perfectly done. This also varies with the type of rice you are working with.

When it comes to water, you can either use hot or cold water. However, it is recommended that you add cold water; some rice cookers come with specific instructions in this case. The next step is soaking the rice for a couple of minutes, using the same amount of water you had added. This will reduce the cooking time. In this step, you can also add flavorings or even salt. You can also add butter or oil depending on your preference.

Using a spoon or any convenient kitchen utensil, push the rice grains into the water and off the sides or below the water surface. This will help avoid burning of rice that remain on the surface of the water.

The next step is putting the bowl back into the rice cooker so that it does the rest of the work. Some rice cookers have special options; they will allow you to control the cooking using a couple of buttons. This will come in handy for different types of rice. Once done with the settings, you should allow the rice cooker to begin cooking, and it will be done in a matter of minutes. The rice is then ready to serve.

You will realize that a rice cooker is a simple appliance you can use to cook rice. This is more so if you have a really good rice cooker from Zojirushi. This is because, when it comes to kitchen appliances, like other appliances, the brand matters a lot.

Wrapping up, you will realize that a rice cooker is a more efficient way of cooking rice than when you use other types of appliance, like the stove for instance. Not only is the rice cooked quality and delicious, but you also get to focus on other meals you might want to serve with the rice.

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