Ways to Increase Vertical Jump Measurements

Vertical jump is the difference between the levels of reach of an individual when standing up and when jumping in a standing manner. It is usually measured in order to qualify a person to become an athlete. It is also measured during performance evaluations of athletes. Additionally, such measurement is also important in order to check the recovery state of an athlete after she or he had undergone training and practice. Athletes and aspiring athletes will greatly benefit from a good vertical jump measurement. In basketball, for example, they will be able to do dunking and rebounding better than those who have low vertical jump measurements. In soccer, good vertical jumpers will be able to get through the defensive player of the other team and can possibly hit a goal.

With such in regard, people who want to become better and excellent athletes should find ways or listen to their coaches in order to¬†learn how to increase your vertical jump¬†measurement. Before proceeding to the ways on how to increase vertical jump, athletes should have a clear understanding of how a jump really works. Jumping, in general, there are three general factors that contribute to a good jump. Strength of the muscles in the legs, shoulders, hips, and cores is one of which. The others are the person’s tendon and nerve abilities. With such in regard, exercises and other activities that improve such factors are usually the ones that are being initiated.

Many individuals around the world are not familiar that their muscle tissue lengths are actually being restricted by the so-called trigger points. In a simpler term, they are the muscle knots. Thus, in order to achieve vertical jump improvement, they should be able to release such knots not just to stretch the tissue but also to make them stronger. The simplest thing to do is to get a foam roller. The athletes only need to allow the specific parts of the legs to move slowly using the rollers and stop at areas wherein there is tenderness. Such should be done for 30 seconds on the calves and outer and inner thighs. A good strength exercise, on the other hand, is the Bulgarian split squats. Although traditional squats will be helpful as well, this type is better because it also improves the person’s balance. Athletes are required to do three sets and eight repetitions for each leg.

Obviously, jumping exercises are also great in helping athletes improve their vertical jump measurement. One of which is the depth jump exercise. This exercise is intended to help improve the athlete’s reaction time. Meaning, the ability to reactivate the lower body muscles when the athlete is at the stage of catching air. The degree level of this exercise should increase every week. The recommended duration includes three by three repetitions on the first week, four by three reps on the second, and five by three reps on the third. The plyometric exercise called the knee-to-feet jump also contributes to vertical jump improvement by helping the lower body produce more power.


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