WEBER: The Leading Gas Grill to Buy this 2019

There’s nothing that can compare to the smoky-scent and savory taste of grilled food. It is best served during outdoor family gatherings or parties with friends.

But of course, you’ll need a functional gas grill to prepare your favorite grilled recipe.

Whether you need a gas grill for personal or professional use, make sure to get one that is worth spending your money. When searching for a gas grill in the market, think of it as an investment.

There are several gas grill brands today. But among these options, one brand you’ll often see in stores is Weber.

Weber is a reputable manufacturer of gas grills that have been around for 66 years. This company has established a strong reputation for being one of the best names in providing innovative and modern gas grills.

Over the years, Weber has introduced several product lines that are proven functional in the kitchen. Two of the most famous gas grill series of Weber are Spirit and Genesis.

The Spirit Gas Grill Series

If you are searching for a convenient and budget-friendly gas grill for personal use, the Spirit series of Weber is an excellent choice.

Based on product review sources like the Perfect Grill Parts, customers celebrate the Weber Spirit compared to the Genesis when it comes to cost-efficiency and saving space. For example, the Spirit II E 210 is a small gas grill with designs and dimensions ideal for a small yard. Inasmuch, it is perfect for urban dwellers with limited yard space.

Another reason why you might consider choosing the spirit series is the power and functionality of the product line despite its smaller size. The Spirit II 210 has a grilling area of 360 square inches with two stainless steel burners. It has a heating power of 26,500 BTU/hour.

If you need a larger version of the Spirit gas grill series, try to consider the Spirit II 310. This item has the features of the former Spirit model but with upgraded technology. You can check out this item through Perfect Grill Parts.

The Genesis Gas Grill Series

Are you searching for a new gas grill for your restaurant?

If you do, consider the Genesis product line by Weber.

This product line is stunningly beautiful with its modern aesthetics. However, it is not the primary reason why customers are in love with Genesis gas grill. It is mainly sought out for its amazing features and impressive grilling technology.

The Genesis offers more primary grilling area. Moreover, it comes with side burners which are absent in Spirit series. Likewise, the heating power of this item is higher in comparison to the first product line. It features a GS4 grilling technology and iGrill 3 for a satisfying grilling experience. In a nutshell, the Genesis is a true definition of grilling powerhouse.

The only disadvantage of the Genesis series is the cost that comes with each model. A Genesis model has a price range that starts from $1,500.

One thing is for sure; Weber gas grill is a guaranteed outstanding and trustworthy help in the kitchen.

If you want more info about Weber gas grills, find out here at Perfect Grill Parts.

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