What that Makes Schrade SCH36 the Best Knife for Camping?

One of the most essential camping tools is a bushcrafter. It is a type of knife that is suitable for carving spoons. Aside from this, a bushcrafter is an efficient tool for simple cutting purposes. Plus, since it is a pocket size camping knife, it is easy and convenient to use.

Thus, if you are planning for a wildlife escapade in the upcoming months, never forget to pack this survival tool. It will save you from a lot of trouble, especially when cutting some distracting small branches along the road. Plus, it makes an excellent defense tool during critical camping situations. However, you have to choose the best quality knife out there to avail these advantages.

Browsing for a bushcrafter knife is confusing for some with no experience. Of course, there is an overwhelming number of this camping tool in the market. But there’s no reason for you to feel daunted by these options. All you need is one of the leading camping knives like Schrade SCH36.

Introducing Schrade SCH36

The Schrade SCH36 is one of the best options for survival tool for camping enthusiast even for beginners. This tool has impressive qualities and comes at an affordable price. In fact, this tool received excellent reviews from customers for its satisfying features. To explore more about this camping tool, view right here the features of Schrade SCH36.

Features of Schrade SCH36

Professionals and enthusiast, it is important that a knife meets the criteria and significant characteristics of a premium cutting tool. The good news is, Schrade SCH36 characterize all the aspects of a quality camping knife which are stated down below.

1. Multi-purpose blade-Most bushcraft knives are only suitable for wood carving, but not the Schrade SCH36; the all-purpose knife is an efficient tool for batoning, chopping, carving, and staring fire. The blade of this knife is pretty sharp making it as an excellent tool for various purposes.

2. Durable and Sharp blade-The blade length of this item measures 5.05 inches. The whole knife has a length of 10.50 inches.  The blade is sharp enough to be used in various situations. But if you prefer a sharper edge, you can always use a sharpening stone that comes with the item. The blade is guaranteed durable and it won’t curve or get damaged in cutting different surfaces. Moreover, this blade features a powder-coated 1095 high-carbon steel drop point with a finger coil.

3. Comfortable grip-It is important that a knife has ergonomic features. With this, you can use the blade for prolonged hours without your hands getting tired or earning bruises. The Schrade SCH36 has a ring textured TPE handle and grip jimping that gives you a firm grip of the tool. In addition, this knife has a lanyard hole so you can attach it to your belt or bag.

Final Thoughts

Every knife has its disadvantages, but with Schrade SHC36, you won’t find any, even the knife enthusiasts and campers have nothing to claim against the quality of its blade. The only downfall of this item is that the handle is too thick for some users.

For more information about this survival tool, go at this source.

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