What to Consider When Buying a Pool Cleaner

There’s nothing to argue against the necessity of having a pool cleaner for people who have pools in their backyard. A robotic pool cleaner takes away the pain of having to manually scrub the bottom and sides of the pool. If the pool is deep, owners might be forced to empty the pool halfway in order to scrub the surface properly. The effort in pool cleaning and maintenance trivializes the incentives of having a pool in the first place, which is to have fun dipping in it. However, before searching the web for very informative robotic pool cleaner reviews and subsequently spending several hundred bucks on one, it’s a good idea to first understand what makes a good pool cleaner. Here are some considerations to think about before investing on one.

  1. It has to have a swivel cord

Older models of pool cleaners may be lacking in this regard. The simple and innovative addition of a swivel cord allows the robotic pool cleaner to be more flexible in covering the pool’s surface and sides. It’s amazing how much range the swivel motion adds to robotic pool cleaners. It goes without saying that any other pool cleaner without a swivel cord should immediately be removed from the possible models to get, unless, of course, the pool isn’t that large, to begin with.

  • Less demanding cleaning cycles

The point of using a robotic pool cleaner is to make the act of cleaning easy. With pool cleaners that demand to be cleaned almost immediately after every pool cleaning, owners will have to get down and dirty more often. Although filters aren’t that difficult to brush and rinse, there’s really no reason why anyone would limit themselves. There are options where cleaning isn’t required until after the robotic pool cleaner is used several times. The frequency of cleaning, however, depends a lot on different factors including the number of people using the pool and the surrounding environment.

  1. Cord length


Although a swivel cord provides a robotic pool cleaner with flexibility and better area coverage, it’s still an important thing to take note of the cord’s length in relation to the pool’s size. It’s better to end up with more cord than necessary instead of trying too hard to get merely sufficient lengths. A longer cord is also great for times when tangles happen. Even though cords of new pool cleaner models are pliable enough, there is still the likelihood of tangling especially when the water is cold.

  1. Weight


The weight of a robotic pool cleaner is important for several reasons. One is that a heavy pool cleaner will be difficult to take out of the pool, as well as putting it in. The second is that the climbing power of a robotic pool cleaner might be negatively affected by its hefty weight. Sure, heavier ones are powered accordingly, but that also means the owner would have to spend more on electricity. Conversely, it’s also not that great of an idea to get a ridiculously light pool cleaner.

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