Why Heat Therapy is Good for Your Back

Back pain is extremely difficult to deal with, especially when you work on a 9 to 5 schedule which implies spending most of your time sited, in front of a computer, without the possibility of laying down. If you have been dealing with serious back pain for a while now and you are ready to try whatever it takes in order to at least improve the situation? The good news is that there are good options available on the market. As long as you understand what causes the pain, you can then make a choice accordingly. So, here are some of the main causes of lower back pain:

  • Strains and overexertion
  • Tension in the soft tissues which can be found around the lower spine
  • Tension in the muscles

The main causes mentioned above have a horrible consequence: proper circulation is restrained. As a result of this, the brain will begin receiving pain signals. This is how lower back pain usually appears. While some feel just a mild discomfort, others feel excruciating lower back pain. Regardless of the category that you find yourself in, there is a therapy which might help you more than you can imagine: heat therapy. Heat therapy is already used with success by numerous people suffering from pain caused by muscle spasm and related tightness thanks to several mechanisms. Here is what happens:

  • Thanks to heat therapy, the blood vessels found in the muscles which surround the lumbar spine get dilated. As a result of this process, the flow of oxygen and nutrients which reach these vessels is significantly increased; thus, the damaged tissue is healed much faster.
  • The sensory receptors found in your skin are stimulated by heat. How does this help you experience a much reduced back pain? Well, as mentioned above in the article, your brain receives pain signals, which is how the pain appears. When the sensory receptors are stimulated, the transmissions of pain signals sent to the brain are decreased, so discomfort is at least partially relieved.
  • Also thanks to the heat, the soft tissues around the spine will stretch. The connective tissues and the muscles will also stretch, which means that you will experience a decrease in stiffness. Of course that a healthy back is a flexible back so this is another way in which heat therapy can help with lower back pain.

I think that you now understand why heat therapy is so good for your back and why you should begin applying it as fast as possible. Do an in-depth look at the top heating pad for your back to make sure that you use the right tool and purchase one accordingly. There are plenty of heating pads now available on the market but not all of them represent a great investment. Some heating pads are multi-purpose heating items which can be used not only for the back but also for your legs, arms, the spine, the shoulders, the hips or the abdomen, so check out the offer available and see what best suits you.

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